Getting Connected

There are many ways to examine, search, and mine data in the data warehouse.  But before using any of them, you must understand how to get connected.

Connection methods will vary according to application.  Some will require and ODBC system data source.  Others will connect via something called OLEDB.  All access methods will require two or more of the following parameters and values:

  1. A data source name:  MasterDimensions
  2. A database type:  Microsoft SQL Server Database
  3. An ODBC driver type:  SQL Native Client 10.0
  4. A server name:\PRODUCTION
  5. An authentication method:  Trusted authentication (or Windows authentication)

To do data mining, a further connection to an Analysis Services database is required.  Parameters for the Analysis Services connection are:

  1. A database type:  Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services
  2. An authentication method:  Windows authentication (i.e., no username/password)
  3. A server name:

Until Active Directory is fully integrated into the Carleton IT infrastructure (which may not be until 2010), you will also need to set up a special "run-as" shortcut for any application you would like to use.  Directions on doing this (which may be customized) are available here.

Because of the diversity of applications that will be used with the data warehouse, and the complexity of setting them up in our current environment, we would ask, if you would like access to the data warehouse, that, rather than setting up OLEDB, ODBC, Active Directory, run-as shortcuts, etc. yourself, you contact a member of the data warehouse team and schedule a time when we can set these things up for you, and learn more about what you'd like to do.