CarlAlert Emergency Notification Service


What is CarlAlert?

Carleton's CarlAlert Emergency Notification Service is an "Opt-Out" benefit.

In the event of a campus emergency students, faculty, and staff who do not opt-out of the service will receive emergency text messages on their mobile phones, email address, and if they so desire, their personal email address. These messages will also be displayed on the monitors of College-owned computers as well as public video monitors throughout campus.

Do I need to sign up?

We encourage everyone to sign up for the emergency notification service at their earliest convenience. In order to add additional or update existing cell phone numbers and email addresses to your account, use the Change Notification Settings link. New faculty and staff who have not subscribed prior to the service test each term will automatically have their campus email address enrolled in the system. New students who have not subscribed prior to the Fall term service test will automatically have their campus email enrolled, along with the cell phone number on file at that time. If you decide to opt-out of the service, emergency and test messages will NO LONGER be delivered to your email or phone.


When will this service be used?

With the exception of periodic tests to ensure that the system is working properly, this service will only be used in the event of a time-sensitive campus emergency.

Who can send emergency notifications?

Only individuals in Security, the President's and College Relations offices, the Dean of Students, the Dean of the College, and the V.P. & Treasurer have access to generate an emergency notification through this system.

How will it be tested?

A test of the Emergency Notification Service will be conducted once per academic term. The purpose of the test is to verify that the system is working properly and that everyone who has not opted-out of the system has received the test message. This exercise will be preceded by an all-campus email announcing the test. If you did not opt-out of the service and did not receive the test message on your cell phone or email(s), call the ITS Help Desk at (507) 222-5999.

Will it cost me anything?

Not unless your wireless carrier charges for SMS text messages.

How do I opt-out?

If you have a cell phone number entered in the CarlAlert system, you can opt-out by sending a blank text to 79516 from that phone. Otherwise, notify the Director of Security that you wish to opt-out of CarlAlert.

Can I change my cell phone number and/or personal email address?

Carleton relies on students, faculty, and staff with cell phone numbers in the CarlAlert Emergency Notification Service to keep those numbers up to date. You may sign up for up to two cell phones and up to two email addresses. You do not have to add your Carleton email address to your account - messages will be delivered there automatically. To update your CarlAlert settings, use the Change Notification Settings link.

What do I do if I receive notice of an emergency through this service?

Notices will contain instructions on how to respond.