2018-2019 Weekly Convocations

The weekly convocation series is a shared campus experience that brings students, faculty, and staff together for one hour for a lecture or presentation from specialists in a variety of fields.  The goal of the convocation series is to stimulate thought and conversation on a wide range of subjects. Convocations are open to the public and free of charge.

Oct 20

Convocation: Deborah Bial

Education strategist Deborah Bial addresses the challenges of college access for underrepresented populations

Friday, October 20th, 2017
10:50 – 11:50 am / Skinner Chapel
Deborah Bial Convocation

Deborah Bial,is the founder and president of the Posse Foundation. An education strategist, Bial addresses the challenges of college access for underrepresented populations by identifying and fostering latent talent and opening opportunities for them to pursue higher education. Traditional admissions metrics such as grade point average, class rank, and entrance exam scores have long been recognized as inadequate predictors of success for some undergraduates. Through her Posse Foundation, Bial offers an alternative model for identifying promising young people from less advantaged, urban environments. The most promising students are invited to join a “posse,” a small group that participates in an eight-month, pre-collegiate training program that builds individual and team skills and serves as an essential social support system once students arrive at college. In parallel, she develops partnerships with admissions officials from dozens of highly selective liberal arts colleges and universities, offering a powerful means to augment the cultural and economic diversity of their institutions.  The title of her presentation is "Diversity + Leadership and its Complicated Context." 

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