Who selects the convocation speakers?

With the exception of the designated convocations, speakers for the remaining weekly convocations are selected by a Convocations Committee. Established several years ago by the College Council, the function of the committee is described as follows: "The committee reviews convocation suggestions from students, faculty, and staff and selects a list of potential convocation presenters who come from a variety of backgrounds, reflect diverse views, and would have broad campus interest."

The Convocations Committee consists of two faculty members appointed by the Faculty Affairs Committee (staggered 2-year terms) and two students appointed by the Carleton Student Association (1-year terms). The committee is chaired by the director of the Office of Intercultural and International Life. The associate vice president for external relations and the director of college events serve as ex officio members. 

The members of the committee for 2018-19 are:

  • Zoe Pharo '21
  • Lena Stein '21
  • Charisse Burden-Stelly, Assistant Professor of Africana Studies and Political Science
  • Lori Pearson, Professor of Religion
  • Joe Hargis, Associate Vice President for External Relations
  • Kerry Raadt, Director of College Events
  • Brisa Zubia '05, Director of Intercultural and International Life (committee chair)