How is diversity addressed?

The Office of Intercultural and International Life (OIIL) selects and sponsors four convocations each year for:

  • Hispanic Heritage Month Convocation (September)
  • Native American Heritage Month Convocation (October)
  • African American Heritage Month Convocation (February)
  • Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Convocation (May)

In 2017, the Community, Equity, and Diversity Initiative (CEDI) was charged with considering how the convocations program might be leveraged to ensure a diversity of viewpoints as well as how it could engage the campus community in those ideas. In other words, to ensure that the program convenes us into a community that dialogues. Part of the work of a task force created by CEDI is a summary of diversity in convocations.

Diversity in the convocations program also relates to having speakers from a wide range of disciplines, vocations, and backgrounds.

In a review of the convocation program’s goal of including diverse perspectives, it has been noted that there is a general lack of politically conservative viewpoints. These are also valuable in creating a community that values dialogue.