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Convocation: Daryl Davis

Created 16 February 2018; Published 16 February 2018

Grammy Award winning R&B pianist Daryl Davis relates his story of a Black man’s odyssey into the Ku Klux Klan.

Other Items

  • Carleton College
    Created 10 September 2018; Published 11 September 2018
    Opening Convocation 2018

    Opening Convocation ceremony featuring remarks by President Steven Poskanzer and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Isabel Wilkerson.

  • Carleton College
    Created 25 May 2018; Published 25 May 2018
    Honors Convocation
    Annual celebration of the awards and academic accomplishments of Carleton students.
  • Portrait of Joel E. Dimsdale, Class of 1968.
    Created 11 May 2018; Published 11 May 2018
    Convocation: Joel Dimsdale

    University of California psychiatrist probes the psychological nature of Nazi war criminals in a quest to make sense of evil.

  • Portrait of University of Minnesota psychology professor Richard M. Lee.
    Created 4 May 2018; Published 4 May 2018
    Convocation: Richard Lee
    Psychology professor Richard Lee examines how ethnic and racial minorities experience, negotiate, and resist everyday encounters.
  • Portrait of author & neuroscientist, Robert Sapolsky.
    Created 27 April 2018; Published 30 April 2018
    Convocation: Robert Sapolsky
    World renowned neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky explores the causes of stress and its effects on our bodies.
  • Portrait of U of M physics professor, James Kakalios.
    Created 20 April 2018; Published 23 April 2018
    Convocation: James Kakalios
    University of Minnesota professor James Kakalios explains the physics of comic book superheroes.
  • Portrait of professor and author Dr. Amy-Jill Levine.
    Created 13 April 2018; Published 16 April 2018
    Convocation: Amy-Jill Levine
    Jewish feminist in a Protestant seminary, Amy-Jill Levine seeks to correct stereotyped misperceptions in religious and cultural issues.
  • Portrait of author and lawyer, Matteson Ellis.
    Created 6 April 2018; Published 6 April 2018
    Convocation: Matteson Ellis
    International lawyer Matteson Ellis discusses the power of international anti-corruption law.
  • A placard image for media work Convocation: Post-Landfill Action Network
    Created 30 March 2018; Published 2 April 2018
    Convocation: Post-Landfill Action Network
    The Post-Landfill Action Network cultivates, educates, and inspires the student-led zero waste movement.
  • Portrait of Christine Papai '04
    Created 23 February 2018; Published 23 February 2018
    Convocation: Christine Papai '04
    Christine Papai works with a research and policy nonprofit that discovers and promotes effective solutions to global poverty problems.
  • Portrait of musician and author, Daryl Davis.
    Created 16 February 2018; Published 16 February 2018
    Convocation: Daryl Davis
    Grammy Award winning R&B pianist Daryl Davis relates his story of a Black man’s odyssey into the Ku Klux Klan.
  • Arno Michaelis
    Created 9 February 2018; Published 9 February 2018
    Convocation: Arno Michaelis
    Arno Michaelis leads Serve2Unite, created to stand against violence and hate, after turning away from the racist hate group he formerly led.
  • Nyle Fort
    Created 2 February 2018; Published 2 February 2018
    Convocation: Nyle Fort
    Minister and organizer Nyle Fort is an activist committed to global transformative justice.
  • Portrait of roboticist and best-selling author, Daniel Wilson.
    Created 26 January 2018; Published 26 January 2018
    Convocation: Daniel Wilson
    Roboticist Daniel Wilson, author of "How to Survive a Robot Uprising," examines science fiction and real-world advancements.
  • Leading conservative intellectual, Yuval Levin.
    Created 19 January 2018; Published 19 January 2018
    Convocation: Yuval Levin

    Leading conservative intellectual Yuval Levin discusses how the politics of nostalgia — with both the Right and the Left looking back to a “better time” — is failing 21st century Americans in his presentation titled “The Fractured Republic.”

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