Recordings of Convocations

  • Created 26 May 2005; Published 30 May 2006
    Honors Convocation: Opening Address
  • Created 20 May 2005; Published 26 May 2005
    Convocation: Mike Veeck
    President and part owner of six wildly successful minor league baseball teams, Mike Veeck has a business plan that begins with three simple words: 'Fun is good.' He has been profiled by 60 Minutes, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, People, Fortune, and countless other media outlets. Marketing maven Mike Veeck talks about the serious business of fun in his presentation titled, 'Fun is Good.'
  • Created 13 May 2005; Published 6 July 2017
    Convocation: Alex Wellen

    In 1996, Alex Wellen invented and patented a unique table-tennis paddle that would take him on a seven-year journey through numerous career fields. His contributions have appeared in print and on various radio and television stations. He is currently an independent television producer and freelance writer at The Writer’s Grotto in San Francisco. The title of his presentation is 'What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?'

  • Created 6 May 2005; Published 6 July 2017
    Convocation: Ronald Takaki

    The grandson of Japanese plantation laborers in Hawaii, Ronald Takaki is Professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. After receiving his Ph.D. in American history from Berkeley in 1967, Takaki was hired by UCLA to teach that school's first Black History course. Takaki is a prolific writer with several award winning and Pulitzer Prize nominated books to his credit. The title of his presentation is 'America in a Different Mirror: Re-Visioning Our History.'

  • Created 29 April 2005; Published 6 July 2017
    Convocation: John Jewczyn '69

    As a cameraman for NBC in New York, John Jewczyn '69 has filmed a variety of celebrities and politicians. With a background in art, psychology, and photography, he credits Carleton for his start in film and was part of Carleton's first film studies program. His presentation, is titled 'Beyond the Ivory Tower: Adventures in the Real World with a Carleton Education.'

  • Created 22 April 2005; Published 6 July 2017
    Convocation: Meg Lowman

    For over 25 years, Meg Lowman has designed new methods for exploration of the rain forest canopy. She travels worldwide to 'map' the canopy for biodiversity and to work on conservation of forests. In 2003 she became the Director of Environmental Initiatives and Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies at New College of Florida. The title of her presentation is 'Life in the Treetops: Challenges in Tropical Biology.'

  • Created 15 April 2005; Published 6 July 2017
    Convocation: Kate Wenner

    Journalist and former ABC 20/20 TV producer Kate Wenner is also an acclaimed fiction author. Her books include 'Setting Fires' and 'Dancing with Einstein.' Wenner celebrates story telling and its power to transform both the writer and the reader in her presentation titled 'The Passion to Write.'

  • Created 8 April 2005; Published 6 July 2017
    Convocation: Michael Medved

    A former Hollywood screenwriter, Michael Medved has reviewed movies for CNN and was chief film critic for the New York Post. He served twelve years as co-host of 'Sneak Previews,' a review show on PBS-TV. Medved is also a successful author. The title of his presentation is 'Hollywood's Three Biggest Lies.'

  • Created 1 April 2005; Published 6 July 2017
    Convocation: Catherine Manegold '77

    Catherine Manegold '77 worked for twenty years as a reporter and editor with with The New York Times, Newsweek, Philadelphia Inquirer and several smaller papers. She has been a foreign correspondent in numerous countries and a Pulitzer-Prize nominee and winner. She is now a Professor of Journalism at Emory University. Her presentation is titled 'War on Words: Why an Ethical Press is NOT an Oxymoron.'

  • Created 25 February 2005; Published 6 July 2017
    Convocation: David Welna '80

    David Welna '80 has spent 15 years as a Congressional Correspondent for National Public Radio from overseas and has reported for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and 'The Times of London.' His photography has appeared in numerous publications and is the recipient of several prestigious awards. His presentation is titled 'Covering the 21st Century Congress: Terror, War and One-Party Rule.'

  • Created 5 February 2005; Published 6 July 2017
    Convocation: Don Feder
    For nearly two decades, Don Feder was an opinion writer for The Boston Herald and a syndicated columnist who covered numerous important news events. His writings have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard, and National Review. He is the author of several books, is a practicing lawyer, has a media consulting firm, and has served as executive director of Citizens for Limited Taxation. His presentation is titled 'Does Our Security Require An International Crusade for Democracy?'
  • Created 28 January 2005; Published 6 July 2017
    Convocation: Nikki Giovanni
    One of the most widely read American poets, Yolande Cornelia 'Nikki' Giovanni is a strong voice of the Black community. Her book 'Racism 101' includes bold, controversial essays about the situation of Americans on all sides of various race issues. Her three most recent volumes of poetry were winners of the NAACP Image Award. She has received 21 honorary doctorates and a host of other awards. Since 1987, she has been a professor at Virginia Tech. The title of her presentation is 'The Poetics of the Black Experience.'
  • Created 21 January 2005; Published 6 July 2017
    Convocation: Alan Cutler '75

    Geologist Alan Cutler '75 burst onto the literary nonfiction scene with 'The Seashell on the Mountaintop,' the story of a 17th-century scientist-turned-priest who forever changed our understanding of the earth and created a new field of science. Cutler's presentation is titled 'The Seashell on the Mountaintop: Religion and the Birth of a Science.'

  • Created 14 January 2005; Published 6 July 2017
    Convocation: Vincent Harding
    Civil rights activist Vincent Harding has had a long history of involvement in national and international movements for peace and justice. A close friend of Martin Luther King Jr., Harding has written several books about the Black freedom struggle. He was a professor, the first director of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Center in Atlanta, and the senior academic consultant to the award-winning PBS television series, 'Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil Rights Years.' The title of his presentation is 'A King for the Twenty-First Century.'
  • Created 7 January 2005; Published 6 July 2017
    Convocation: Marita Wesely-Clough
    Marita Wesely-Clough is considered one of the top five trend spotters and futurists in the nation. As a trends expert at Hallmark Cards, she monitors the social milieu to spot trends as they emerge and track existing ones as they climb, peak, and wane. The title of her presentation is '2005 and Beyond: Emerging and Evolving Trends.'

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