Happy Hour Facilitator Training Conference

Interested in bringing Happy Hour to your campus or community?

The next facilitator training will take place summer 2021

Happy Hour Facilitator Training is designed to train professionals to facilitate the 10-hour course known as Happy Hour. The training is 4 1/2 days and gives participants the opportunity to experience the curriculum, dive deep into the science behind the lessons, and engage in meaningful conversation about facilitation skills and techniques.

Rooted in Positive Psychology, the Happy Hour course includes ten different workshop themes: Introduction to Positive Psychology, Positive Emotions, Neuroplasticity, Learned Optimism, Gratitude, Strengths and Virtues, Engagement, Meaning and Purpose, Positive Relationships, and Finding the Best Fit.

The Training will take place at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. For summer training dates, attendees will have the option of staying in on-campus (air-conditioned) housing for the week, making arrangements to stay in other accommodations in Northfield, or commuting to campus each day. Breakfast and lunch will be provided daily as part of the Training registration fee in addition to 6 books and a facilitator's manual.

Questions regarding Happy Hour Facilitator Training may be directed to Janet Lewis Muth.

2018 Group Photo