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Attend the Conference

TEDxCarletonCollege will take place on Saturday, October 12, 2013, in Carleton College's Concert Hall.

 TEDx Carleton College 2013:

"The U in Us"

    Venue opens: 9:30am

    Programming begins: 10:00am

    Session I: Who are you?

       Conversation Break & Snacks

    Session II: Who are we?

       Picnic Lunch

    Session III: Where have we been?

       Conversation Break & Snacks

    Session IV: Where are we going?

    Programming ends: 5:30pm 


What will be in each session?

Each session will contain a mix of 4-5 live talks and 1-2 pre-recorded TEDTalks. Talks cover a broad range of topics, and are all 18 minutes or less!

Why is it a full-day event? Do I have to stay the whole time?

Our full-day program is packed with ideas, stories, and performances by our speakers — but they are just the beginning of the TEDx experience, the rest is up to you. We encourage you to forget about your obligations for this one full day, gain some perspective on your past achievements and future aspirations, have meaningful conversations with motivated people, and think about the ideas that you yourself have to offer the world (perhaps at TEDxCarletonCollege 2014?). However, if you can't commit to 100% of the programming, we still hope you'll come for as much as possible. Did we mention there was food?

Where do I park?

The Ps on the above-right campus map show available parking spots on campus: no permits required. There is also parking in the neighborhood south of campus.