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2013 Speakers

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  • Alison Sommer

    Alison Sommer '05

    Alison Sommer '05 will talk about mental health care issues and how her understanding of her anxiety disorder, OCD, is constantly evolving.
  • Emily Ross

    Emily Ross '17

    Emily Ross '17 is facing adulthood with a smile—and a camera! Her ongoing photo project documents her 18th year in daily self-portraits.
  • Angel Solis '14

    Angel Solis '14

    Angel Solis '14 will share "The Three Flare-Ups You Meet in College" based on his experiences as a student living with Crohn's disease.
  • Bailey Ulbricht ‘15

    Bailey Ulbricht ‘15

    Bailey Ulbricht '15 will share her experiences teaching English to Syrian refugee children in Turkey. Pluralistic communities are her thing!
  • Ben Mirin '10

    Ben Mirin ‘10

    Make some noise for Ben Mirin '10! Ben is a champion beatboxer thanks to his childhood habits of imitating accents and animal noises.
  • Dr. Daniel Saltzman, P'16

    Dr. Daniel Saltzman, Parent

    Dr Dan Saltzman's MD PhD "Project Stealth" sounds like espionage, but it's even cooler: non-toxic bacteria that target cancer cells? I'm in!
  • David Meyer

    David Meyer '02

    Meet Dave Meyer '02 who will share how everyday people tackle earth's environmental crisis and what YOU can do to "Complain for the Planet"!
  • Rebecca Ann Sive ‘72

    Rebecca Anne Sive ‘72

    Rebecca Sive is a Carleton graduate ('72) and the author of Every Day Is Election Day: A Woman's Guide to Winning Any Office, from the PTA to the White House (Chicago Review Press, August 1, 2013). She will share the frank stories and inspirational advice of women "from Mississippi to Manhattan," who have won public office.
  • Halah Mohammed

    Halah Mohammed '14

    Halah Mohammed '14 writes and performs poetry and believes "life and art go hand in hand like two friends walking aimlessly in a park."
  • TEDx Carleton Speaker

    Hiyanthi Peiris '15

    Hiyanthi '15 will tell "Sri Lanka as I see it"—home, in spite of civil war and ethnic divide—and why the media should see it that way too.
  • John Cannon

    John Cannon '15

    John Cannon '15 combines a passion for art with his research on neuronal development and brain function. Eureka!
  • Jonathan Poppele

    Jonathan Poppele, Friend of the College

    What does Jonathan Poppele, a juggler, cyclist, and Ki-Aikido World Champion, have to say about "Embodying Leadership"? Just relax already!
  • Kai Knutson

    Kai Knutson '11

    After a year spent studying fermented milks around the world, Kai Knutson '11 believes that "Passion is More Like Yogurt Than Butter!"
  • Katie Koza

    Katie Koza '16

    Katie Koza '16 has practiced (and practiced) violin, but will talk about times in which "There Will Be No Rehearsal"—in music and in life.
  • Ma'ikwe Ludwig '79

    Ma'ikwe Ludwig '92

    Ma'ikwe Schaub Ludwig '92 lives on only 10% of the resources most of us use, and says "Living a Sustainable Life Doesn't Suck. Really."
  • Scott LeGere

    C. Scott LeGere '98

    Scott LeGere '98 believes in higher education: his biology degree from Carleton led to quite the adventure in the music industry!
  • Stu Grubb

    Stu Grubb '85

    How many people can say that they got a kidney out of their freshman year roommate relationship at college? Stu Grubb '85 can!
  • Vayu Maini-Rekdal

    Vayu Maini-Rekdal '15

    Vayu Rekdal '15 is a Cuban-Indian-Norwegian chef raised in Sweden—and it's not culture that makes his food so tasty, but "Kitchen Science"!
  • Anna Chance

    Anna Chance ‘15

    Anna will tell her story about growing up in a cult and analyze "The Trappings of a Dysfunctional Community."