Notices of the passing of members of the Carleton community. For notices of alumni passings, please see Alumni Farewells.

  • Julie Klassen

    Julie Klassen

    January 16, 2018

    Julie Klassen, age 74, died in Northfield on Saturday, January 13th. Julie taught German language and culture at Carleton from 1978 until her emeritus retirement in 2009. Her course on “The Forest in German Literature and Culture” fed her dedication to environmental causes, just as her interest in East German literature provided students with a unique perspective on issues of conscience and the role of the arts in an authoritarian regime. She co-taught courses in ENTS, often using the journals of immigrants to explore earlier engagements between people and the natural world.

  • Daniel Van Eyck ’54

    December 5, 2017

    We received the sad news that Daniel Van Eyck ’54 died on November 19th in Madison, WI at the age of 85. Dan had three titles during his years here at Carleton from 1967–1970: Dean of Students, Dean of Men, and Assistant Professor of History. He went on to work for the University of Wisconsin System Administration. A more complete obituary of Dan's caring and engaged life before and after his work at Carleton is attached.

  • Jessie Lindberg

    Jessie Lindberg

    November 20, 2017

    Jessie Lindberg died on Nov. 18th at the age of 99. Jessie worked as an assistant in the Carleton Library from at least 1972-1980. She was dedicated and responsible — finding books that had been wrongly shelved brought a smile and a twinkle to her eyes. Her eagerness to help people continued even after she moved to the Three Links Care Center four years ago. 

  • Gail Huyck

    Gail Huyck

    November 20, 2017

    Gail Huyck died on Nov 15th at the age of 80. Gail worked as the secretary in the Audio-Visual Department from 1974–1981, as well as secretary to the Coordinator of Studies in Film and Television, 1975–1980, and as secretary to the Director of the Film Arts Program, 1980–1981. Gail's creativity didn't start or end, however, with film. She loved to sketch, paint, and cook. She had a wide circle of friends that extended to students, including athletes coached by her husband, Bill.

  • Helen Berwald

    Helen Berwald

    November 16, 2017

    Helen Berwald died on November 10th at the age of 92. Helen began at Carleton in 1952 as an instructor in Physical Education for Women, added the teaching of Psychology and Education, and then taught Education from 1960 to her retirement as Professor Emerita in 1987. She also wove geography classes into her teaching portfolio.

  • Fred Gaggioli

    Fred Gaggioli

    October 2, 2017

    Fred Gaggioli, age 63, died on Saturday, September 30th, after a valiant battle against a brain tumor. As the Mail Services Coordinator from September 2011 until January 2016, Fred touched many lives on campus. He managed his work with grace and a friendly attitude toward all. In addition to his family and friends, Fred loved students, Knights football, his two pugs, and cleanliness, starting each morning by cleaning the counter with 409. He will be truly missed as a down-to-earth, generous, and kind soul.