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Donor-funded Fellowships

Multiple donor-funded fellowships are available to support research and other activities for current Carleton students.  For awards administered by the Office of Student Fellowships (OSF), we sort the types of support into the two broad categories of ‘research’ and ‘experiential’ fellowships.  Research fellowships are just that – support for your research.  Experiential fellowships support a different kind of learning that may include internships, service learning, travel with friends, or other activities.  Some fellowships support both research and experiential opportunities and are listed on both pages.  Please familiarize yourself with the different options before completing the application(s) for the fellowship(s) of your choice!

Experiential Fellowships

Research Fellowships

Other Fellowships



Most of the donor-funded fellowships use common application and recommendation forms.   See information here about creating a budget.  Also, the Writing Center can be a useful resource when writing your proposal. 

All fellowships require a Bring-Back” in order to share experiences and cultivate interest in Carleton fellowships. Get some ideas on the After Your Fellowship page.

The following donor-funded fellowships use individual application and recommendation forms:


We have made an important change to the recommendation/ assessment process for Carleton-funded fellowships (often referred to as the “junior fellowships”).  In the past, students requested recommendations from faculty and staff that were due on the same date as the application. We will now request recommendations one week after the application deadline, according to the following procedure:

  • Students will submit their application materials by the appropriate deadline date for a given fellowship (February 1 or February 15); they will include the names of those who have agreed to complete recommendations for them.
  • The morning after the application deadline, we will send to recommenders the final application and a link to the recommendation/assessment form to be completed by the appropriate deadline (February 8 or February 22).

This change should ensure that recommenders see the final version of the proposal before providing an assessment of it, and streamline the entire process of requesting and receiving recommendations.

Please feel free to contact Marynel at with any questions.


View samples of successful Carleton-funded fellowship proposals in Laird 131, Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

(Samples may not be copied or removed from the office)

** Applicants will be notified of the results in early to mid March **

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