The Four Friends Fellowship

The Four Friends Fellowship


 The Four Friends Fellowship was established in 2012 by grants to Carleton from (L to R) John Youngblood '81, Peter Ross '80, Danal Abrams '80, and Jeff Appelquist '80 (collectively, “Four Friends”) in thanks for all the experiences they have had together since meeting at Carleton in the late 70s.  In establishing the fellowship, The Four Friends seek to express their fondness for Carleton College and appreciation for the abiding friendships which often begin during college and grow throughout a lifetime.  The Fellowship will be awarded annually to that group of two or more Carleton students proposing the most compelling experience.

 “Road trips” are often the first thing that come to mind when college students think about shared experiences that deepen friendship.  While a trip or journey of some kind might be entirely appropriate and travel has been funded in previous years, we also strongly encourage proposals for collaborative projects as well.  Use your imagination and consider such options as an art or science project right here at Carleton; the creation and performance of a musical and/or dramatic work; or a volunteer project in the local community.

Funding: Up to $4,000 total available to be awarded to one or more proposing groups of students, with the objective of strengthening friendships. 

Eligibility:  The Four Friends Fellowship is intended for any group of two or more First-Year, Sophomore, or Junior Carls to use intra-term or during any summer or winter break prior to graduation, and may take place either on- or off-campus. Projects must include a ‘bring-back’ component designed to share the experience with the Carleton community and generate ongoing enthusiasm for the Four Friends Fellowship. 

  • Students studying any discipline or combination of disciplines are eligible.
  • All applicants must be in good academic standing.
  • Seniors are ineligible to apply, even if applying with younger students.
  • This award is not intended to fund student organizations or travel for established groups on campus.
  • Travel to the home countries of any international student applicants will not be supported by the Four Friends fellowship.

Selection Criteria:  Successful Four Friends Fellowship applicants will collaborate on the development of a group experience that is creative, but feasible.  Selection will be based on the following criteria:  originality of the idea (including its spirit of adventure and discovery); viability of the plan and budget; evidence of extensive collaboration in the proposal and the plan itself (including the potential for bonding among the participants); the overall quality of the proposal; and the quality of the proposed ‘bring-back’ component of the project.    

Do not feel constrained when imagining possible experiences that could be funded, and do not assume that you must already be very close friends in order to apply for this award.  You might wish to explore a friendship or common interest that is just emerging! Think collaboration, creativity and camaraderie. The Four Friends have produced a video describing their goals for the fellowship, which you may wish to consult in developing your application ideas.

The Application Process: The Office of Student Fellowships will correspond with ONE group member, so each group should appoint a contact person. That person will be responsible for gathering and submitting all elements of the proposal (except for the recommendation(s)). Your group contact person should submit the completed online application including the resumes of all members of the group.

In addition, one recommendation from a person outside of the group who can act as a reference (e.g.,  a Resident Assistant, a faculty member or an employer) must be submitted online.*  After the application deadline, we will forward the final application to recommender(s) along with a link to the recommendation form.

  if group members do not share a common connection to a single recommender, they may solicit individual recommendations; all may be posted through the same link.   

Application Deadline:  5 PM on Tuesday, February 25, 2020

NOTE: Recommenders have until 5 PM on March 3 to submit their forms.

Faculty Adviser:  Marynel Ryan Van Zee, Director of Student Fellowships, Laird 131, x4300.