• investigate the basics of Tibetan medicine and the difficulty of transferring "alternative medicine" from its primary culture by exploring its root employment at the Men-Tsee-Khang Tibetan Institute in Dharamsala, examining its clinical application in a branch in Kathmandu, and studying its application in Tibetan settlements throughout Nepal;
  • travel to Léon, Nicaragua to explore the dynamic ways this community remembers the 1979-1990 Nicaraguan revolution through interviews and recording and analyzing the diverse experiences of Léonesos who lived through the revolution;
  • research on the Lhotsampas, Bhutanese refugees of Nepal, expelled from their homeland in 1990;
  • research on the Guatemalan community whose members immigrated from San Marcos, Guatemala to Georgetown, Delaware in large numbers, with special emphasis on womens' roles; or

These topics constitute suggestions; other topics are possible. Students are urged to consult with faculty early in the process of drawing up their proposals.