Advice for First Years

Starting early is key in obtaining fellowships. They may seem far in the future, but even as a first year you are eligible for some fellowships. More importantly, there are steps you can take now to make yourself an attractive candidate for fellowships in the future.

Words of Advice

  • Make a tentative schedule of the time you will spend at Carleton. Would you like to study abroad? Are there courses in your desired major that are only offered certain years? Thinking about your next four years at Carleton will help you discover the types of fellowships that are most desirable to you.
  • Start perusing the fellowship website. Begin considering fellowships you are interested in and the actions you can take to make yourself a better candidate for those fellowships.
  • Get involved in the extra-curricular opportunities at Carleton and begin to discover the activities and subjects you are most passionate about. Don't worry about leaderships positions now, just experience what Carleton has to offer and learn what activities interest you.
  • Start forming connections with faculty. Getting to know the faculty will enhance your learning experience at Carleton. Make time for office hours to ask questions about assignments, advice on an internship or study abroad, or about the professor's research. Then, when it comes time to ask for a recommendation, not only will you have gained great experiences with faculty members, but you won't be at a loss for who to ask.

First Year Fellowships:

As a first year student you are eligible to apply for the following fellowships:

Carleton-funded fellowships:

Preparation for Sophomore Year Fellowships:

Some fellowships with deadlines in your sophomore year would greatly benefit from taking steps in the spring term of your first year.