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Eric Breindel College And University Journalism Award

This award is open to undergraduate writers and reporters of all political convictions and backgrounds, and submissions may include college newspapers, magazines or periodicals as well as college online articles published on accredited college institution Web sites.

Competition Criteria:

The Object: Work which best reflects the spirit that animated the writings of Eric Breindel: Love of country and its democratic institutions as well as the act of bearing witness to the evils of totalitarianism.

Eligibility: Must be a student at an accredited institution in the United States at the time the pieces were written. Entries must have been published in the previous calendar year.

Award: One prize of $10,000, plus an internship at either Fox News Channel or the New York Post. Residential housing will be provided for the winner for the duration of the internship position. Winner will be decided by a panel of judges appointed by the Eric Breindel Memorial Foundation.

Deadline:  April - Check website for specific information

Winner: Will be announced in June.

Submissions: No more than 2 editorials, columns or news stories per person. Articles specifically produced for and published in a newspaper, magazine or Web site will be accepted. Internet exclusive material (articles published online, but not in a corresponding print source of the same name) may be submitted if the Site is accredited by a college or university at the time of the submission's postmark. If a team was involved in the writings, only one name should appear on the entry form. There is only one category. There can be more than one participant from a publication. "Letters to the Editor" are not eligible.

Submission Requirements: Two copies should be submitted. The original article with the name and date of the publication, or a photocopy of such. The second copy must be submitted on 8 1/2 x 11 white paper, which can be taken directly from your computer or typewriter. Entries will be ineligible if original or photocopy of your article is not received.

Mail: Mail submissions with entry form to:

Eric Breindel Memorial Foundation
1211 Avenue of the Americas, 9th fl.
New York, NY 10036

Questions or Application Requirements: Contact Patricia Amerman, 212-843-8049 or or go online to

Official Website