Youth Activity Fund of the Explorers Club

Deadline: Early November
Class Eligibility: First Year, Sophomore, Junior
Disciplines: Engineering, Science
Location: Varied
Duration: Summer, Semester

Official Website

Purpose: Youth Activity Fund for high school students and college undergraduates fosters a new generation of explorers dedicated to the advancement of scientific knowledge of the world. The Explorers Club offers grants to students conducting individual scientific or exploration research projects through their respective schools with a supervising instructor. The supervising instructor must write a letter of support. The Youth Activity Fund does not provide general scholarships for tuition.

Funding: The awards range from $500- 1500, but a few awards may be grated up to a $5,000 award level.

Eligibility: High school and college undergraduates are eligible to apply for the Youth Activity Fund. The supervising instructor of the scientific or exploration research project must write a letter of support. Membership of the Explorers Club is not required to apply for a grant, however, it is recommended. If you are interested in applying for membership, please see the Explorers Club's Join the Club page, and the Student Members page.

Application/Nomination Process: All required documents must be submitted at one time, including your letter of support and current student ID or proof of enrollment. Required materials will not be accepted separately. If submitting your application electronically, please submit all required documents as one PDF or Microsoft Word File. For further application details, please see the Explorers Club website.