FOCUS Room - Music Hall 318/319

The FOCUS Room

During the creation of the Integrated Science Facility (Fall 2017-2020), the historic Music Hall will serve as the headquarters for Chemistry and Geology on campus - as well as the heart of the FOCUS program. Music Hall 318/319, situated on the third floor and facing the baldspot common area, is the new home for FOCUS. This room is the physical center of the program, housing the FOCUS library, providing a study and meeting space for students, and hot tea on a cold day.

The room is used by non-FOCUS members, but the FOCUS library cabinet is locked with a code only FOCUS members know and priority use of the space is given to FOCUS from 6pm-midnight weeknights and 10am-midnight weekends. The cabinet houses the FOCUS library, a collection of math and science textbooks available for use within Music 318/319, as well as a hot water kettle, an assortment of tea, and is stocked with study snacks at the beginning of each term.  

FOCUS Library

The FOCUS Library is designed to provide members with access to often expensive textbooks. This lending library is community run, with all books staying within Music 318/319 so as to be available for all FOCUS to use at any time. The library is also supplemented based on student needs, meaning FOCUS members can request the purchase of a particular book to be added to the library at the beginning of each term.

Would you like to request a textbook be added to the FOCUS library? Fill out the FOCUS Textbook Form.

Below is the list of current titles available in the FOCUS library cabinet. 

Discipline Title Edition Author/s
Biology Human Sexuality 4th Lewvay and Baldwin
Biology Biology 9th Raven, Johnson, Mason, Losos, Singer
Biology Vander's Human Physiology: The Mechanisms of Body Function 13th Widmaier, Raff, Strange
Biology The Insect: An Outline of Entomology 4th Gullan and Cranston



Borror and Delong's Introduction to the Study of Insects

Exploring the Way Life Works: The Science of Biology



Borror and Delong

Mahlon Hoagland, Bert Dodson, Judith Hauck

Biochemistry Biochemistry 8th  Berg, Tymoczko, Gatto, Stryer
Chemistry Quantitative Chemical Analysis 7th Harris
Chemistry Quantitative Chemical Analysis 8th  Harris
Chemistry Chemistry 8th  Zumdahl, Zumdahl
Chemistry Organic Chemistry 6th Bruice
Chemistry Organic Chemistry - Study Guide and Solutions Manual 6th Bruice
Chemistry Organic Chemistry 2nd Klein
Chemistry The Prentice Hall Molecular Model Set for Organic Chemistry - -
Chemistry Thermodynamics, Statistical Thermodynamics, and Kinetics 1st Engel, Reid



Chemistry: The Central Science

The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry 



Brown, Lemay, Bursten, Murphy, Woodward

Larry Gonick, Craig Criddle  


Computer Science Computer Organization and Design- Hardware/Software Interface Arm Edition Patterson, Hennessy
Computer Science Beginning Programming with Java - For Dummies 2nd Burd
Geology Mineral Science 23rd Klein, Dutrow
Geology Understanding Earth 6th Grotizinger, Jordan
Math: Algebra Linear Algebra with Applications 4th Bretscher
Math: Calculus Calculus: Early Transcendentals 3rd Rogawski, Adams
Math: Calculus Calculus: Early Transcendentals 2nd Rogawski, Adams
Math: Calculus Calculus: Early Transcendentals 6th  Steward
Math: Statistics Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data *2 copies available - Lock, Lock, Lock, Lock, Lock
Math: Statistics Seeing Through Statistics 3rd Utts
Math: Statistics Mathematical Statistis: with Resampling and R - Chihara, Hesterberg
Math: Statistics Probability: with Applications and R - Dobrow
Physics Physics: for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics 4th Giancoli
Physics Six Ideas that Shaped Physics- Unit R: The Laws of Physics are Frame-Independent 2nd Moore
Physics Matter and Interactions 1: Modern Mechanics 3rd Chabay, Sherwood
Psychology Psychology 8th  Gleitman, Gross, Reisberg
Psychology Psychological Science 4th Gazzaniga, Heatherton, Halpern
Psychology Psychology 2nd Schacter, Gilbert, Wegner




Psychology of Behavior

Teach Yourself How to Learn: Strategies You Can Use to Ace Any Course at Any Level





Saundra Yancy McGuire, Stephanie McGuire


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