Curricular Connections

Intro to Environmental Geology 120

Taught by Mary Savina, students in this course created outreach programs for the Utility Master Plan. Alex Miller presented the existing outreach efforts done by Facilities and outlined the upcoming construction for the summer of 2018 that would need materials. Projects varied from an after-school program for middle school students to geothermal "swag" to promote the UMP. Explore the individual projects below.

After-school Program, Izzy Link, Lorraine Byrne, Emma Shedd

Why Geothermal at Carleton? Carlos Morales, Rajkumar, Chit Khin

Bald Spot Art Project Proposal, Yoni Reken, Yichu Wang, Jake Winter

Geothermal is Delicious! Izzy Rankin, Ella Boyer, August Lindgren-Ruby

Comparing Geothermal Systems Between Colleges, Julia Braulick, Nasra Mohamed, Chenoa Schatzki-McClain, Allison Palmbach

Geothermal Swag, Cooper Kohlman, Caroline Hull, Gray Kaegi, Emma Gautier

The Green Space (mock up for M&D location) Kate Hannigan, Gabe Lobet, Rae Tennent, Nat Gillard

Admission Guide's Cheat Sheet (actual document here),  Samara Kroeger, Jared Kannel, Grace Little

Tactile Energy History Exhibition, Alex Kucich, Sophie Rogers, Rebecca Muhlheim

Pipeline to the Public: Process, Product, and Positivity, Hibo Abdi, Karah Haug, Sam Anderson

Questions and Answers about the Geothermal Project Video, Heqing Wang, Kate Hannigan, Tim Mikulski