Week 9: Bell Field and Mini Bald Spot Drilling Updates

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Drilling continues on the Mini Bald Spot and Bell Field. While thunderstorms in the past few weeks have hampered the drilling process on some days, only six more bore loops need to be drilled on Bell Field. Workers will then begin the process of tying in each bore loop to a header pipe on the west side of the field and installing an 8-inch main pipe that will connect to the East Energy Station.

Vertical Well Rigs Mini Bald Spot 

There are two vertical bore rigs currently drilling on the Mini Bald Spot. Each rig crew consists of three people, and 1-2 wells are being completed each day. Students in the Carleton geology department are also observing the drilling process and taking bedrock samples for research about local geologic conditions.