Development Operations

Development Operations, as a branch of External Relations, supports Carleton in its mission to provide an exceptional undergraduate liberal arts education. Development Operations staff process donations, assist with stock and wire transfers, and send out receipts and year-end tax information; maintain, secure, and support our records containing information about our alumni, parents and friends; ensure that gifts to Carleton are recognized appropriately and used to benefit the College in the way you intend.

The varied specialties within the department aim to accomplish this by building relationships with and providing services to our internal and external customers in a timely, accurate, and confidential manner.


Shannon Schulz
Shannon Schulz Profile
Senior Director of Development Operations
Mary Amy
Mary Amy Profile
Development Operations Coordinator
Cindy Grisim
Cindy Grisim Profile
Records System Administrator/Office Mgr in Development Servc
Linda Irrthum
Linda Irrthum Profile
Development Records Specialist
Julie Kimber
Julie Kimber Profile
Gift Accounting Specialist
Pam Sexton
Pam Sexton Profile
Lead Gift Accountant
Carla Thomas
Carla Thomas ’86 Profile
Director of Alumni/Development Information Systems
Denise Flicek
Denise Flicek Profile
Applications Support Specialist
Patrick Thompson
Patrick Thompson Profile
Director of Prospect Research
Tony Pierre
Tony Pierre Profile
Applications Support Programmer
Aimee Fisher
Aimee Fisher Profile
Prospect Research Officer
Joe Hennen
Joe Hennen Profile
Prospect Research Analyst
Kathy Toay
Kathy Toay Profile
Director of Stewardship
Linda Dorn
Linda Dorn Profile
Stewardship Specialist
Laura Theobald
Laura Theobald Profile
Associate Director of Stewardship
Campaign Writer