Linh Trieu '00

October 8, 2003

Art has always been a central part of Linh Trieu's '00 life, but until she came to Carleton, she didn't consider it anything more than a hobby. She spent her first two years at Carleton in a state of uncertainty, not sure that her chosen major, biology, was her true calling.

Linh briefly entertained the thought of transferring to an art school, but art professor Fred Hagstrom convinced her that a liberal arts education would impact her art. He was right.

Linh has enjoyed taking a wide range of courses, which have challenged her academically. "Critical thinking is at the core of my art," Linh said, "I owe that to my Carleton education."

An off-campus studies program in New Zealand and Australia during her junior year confirmed her decision to switch her major to studio art. On that trip, Linh discovered the difference between looking and seeing, and the difference between hobby and passion. Encouragement and support from Professor Hagstrom gave Linh a new confidence in her art, and in herself.

Linh is looking forward to the next phase of her life. She eventually plans to attend graduate school, perhaps after an internship in graphic design or a job in an art-related setting. Whatever path she chooses, Linh knows that Carleton has prepared her well.