Emily Ruff '09 Video: Theater

December 11, 2008

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About the video

This video is the second in a three-part series showing the many facets of Emily Ruff's life at Carleton. Watch Part I and Part III.


CAPTION: Emily Ruff 09, Chemistry Major

I’m Emily Ruff, class of ‘09, and this is my Carleton.

I’ve been involved in improv since Fall Term of freshman year. It was the coolest thing in the world that twice a week I got to hang out with seniors… you know, they were friends of mine, and they were seniors. Doing improv with a group is a lot about trust and your relationship with the other performers. People will come up with something that you would never have thought of in your life and it’s just the most brilliant thing in the world. Moving my face and hearing the audience, like, just go nuts…

I’m designing and building the set for Annelise Lawson’s comps show. I had to think about it a bit, because I knew that this was going to be a busy term for me: I’m compsing, I’m taking thermodynamics and kinetics, which are tough and interesting. But then, I said yes. It’s set on a beach: sand and dirt are the hardest things to do on stage without actually bringing in those elements, and we can’t really bring in a truck full of sand because it would get everywhere and then make the stage collapse.

One of my favorite shows that I was ever in was Mindy Garner’s comps show: Last Summer at Bluefish Cove. There would just be silence on stage, and then you would hear sniffling… it was a very tragic show. I hate to spoil it for you, but the main character died. I tell people that it’s the show that I’m the proudest to have been a part of at Carleton.

I am so grateful to the people who have given to Carleton, because it’s allowed me to have this kind of experience… this kind of very comprehensive, liberal arts experience that’s made me who I am today, that’s given me memories, helped me make all of these friends, helped me to learn so much about things that are really exciting to me. It’s your giving that allows that to happen, and I’m very, very happy that you’re thinking of giving to Carleton.

TITLE: Your gift makes it happen.