Meet the Alexander Sisters

May 27, 2009

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KATE ALEXANDER: I’m Kate Alexander, a junior.

MAGGIE ALEXANDER: I’m Maggie Alexander, and I’m a freshman.

BECKY ALEXANDER: I’m Becky Alexander; I’m a senior.    

ALL: We are the Alexander sisters, and this is our Carleton.

KA: To be swimming in the water, everything else kind of goes away and you’re just like in your own mind.

MA: It’s like you can forget about everything that’s bothering you when you’re in the water and just really concentrate on something you’ve been doing for a while and that you know you can do, and you can do well.

BA: I guess there have been a lot of good times, but I think a highlight definitely would have been winning the conference meet. I was on a team with Kale Zicafoose, Kaarin Taylor, Kate Alexander and myself. It was a medley relay, and we just went out there from the very beginning, got all personal best times, and got a huge school record, conference record. So that was a really incredible moment.

MA: The meet was going very well. It was my first race, and in the morning I swam my season best of the year, which was about four seconds faster than I had been going, which is a lot.

BA: She went in with the goal of breaking the five minutes, and personally I thought that was kind of a lofty goal. I didn’t know if that could be done. It’s a really fast time.

MA: I got up behind the block, and the moment I dove in, I just felt – I don’t know, it felt right.

BA: We’re watching the splits and she’s under a minute every hundred, and it was so nerve-wracking, but as I was watching, I was like, “I can’t believe this is happening.”

MA: I finished, and I looked up at the team, and they were going crazy, and then I looked at the board and saw my time, and I just could not believe it. It was really incredible.

BA: Everybody on the team was so excited. She did break the five minutes, and I was like, bawling.

MA: Becky and Kate came running over just crying, and gave me big hugs, and it was really great.

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