Anna Callahan '13: Life and Love, Carleton Style

May 24, 2011


Anna Callahan '13, Asian Studies


I'm Anna Callahan, and this is my Carleton.

One of the things I really love about Carleton is essentially the people. I really like talking to people...and I know we throw around the word quirky here, all the time. But really getting to know their Carleton quirk. Every time you talk to someone, you feel like you have them figured out until they throw out something that throws you for a loop for as econd and doesn't seem to match what you already know about them.

I'm one of the six DJs for "Holly French Finds Love." It's a KRLX radio show, essentially a variation of the Dating Game where we have three bachelors come on every week and they get interviewed by us. Sometimes we're nice, sometimes we're...not. We ask them about themselves, and at the end we pick our favorite three bachelors and they go on a date with our bachelorette.

Holly French and Asim Manizada were our bachelorette and our winning bachelor last term. He took her on a romantic date in Evans Lounge. He ordered her Indian food, they watched a movie together, tried to have a fire it was really cute, and romantic in a very cliche way. And they are still madly in love, from my understanding.

Carleton definitely molded and changed me in ways I didn't expect. Just the atmosphere and the very laid-back but yet intelligent community we have here. I've made some of my really close friends here. I think I'll definitely keep in touch with them, and I think they'll still remain some of my good friends in years to come.

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