Create Stock Transfer Instructions

Carleton welcomes gifts of stock. To make a gift of stock that is currently held in a brokerage account, the easiest way to proceed is to instruct your broker to transfer the shares to Carleton's brokerage account.

Please submit the form below to generate a printable letter that you can sign and give to your broker. This form will also notify Carleton College of your intent to transfer a gift of stock. Note that an individual broker may require different or additional documents to transfer stock.

Your submitted information is used to generate a printable form; Carleton does not store or retain your account information. If you prefer to not use this form, you may arrange a gift of stock through the Gift Accounting Office at 800-758-9441 or

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The information in this section will be used by Carleton to follow up on this request, and may differ from the account holder's name.

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Contact Preference

When you submit the form, it will generate a printable letter that you can sign and give to your broker.

If you would like Carleton to contact you regarding transfer instructions or other logistics, please check the box below.