Three Oaks Society

Three Oaks Society

In 2016, Carleton was pleased to introduce the Three Oaks Society to recognize the impact alumni donors have on keeping the college strong and flourishing. All who support the Annual Fund with a gift of $2,500 or more in a given fiscal year will now be recognized as members of the Three Oaks Society. Young alumni will be recognized for gifts of $500 or more in the first four years after graduation, and for $1,000 or more in the subsequent five years.

An Enduring Symbol of Carleton

Just as the Hill of Three Oaks is a place that brings the Carleton community together—for sports, for music and socializing, as a gateway to the Arb—the Three Oaks Society reflects the deep sense of connection to Carleton that alumni share.

This commitment to Carleton’s future is an enduring and treasured feature of our community, important to Carls past, present, and future. Together Three Oaks Society members represent 62 percent of the sum raised annually by the Alumni Annual Fund, inspiring thousands of other Carls and having a significant impact on the college.

A Special Connection

As a Three Oaks Society honoree, you will receive more than our gratitude (although that is heartfelt). In recognition of your tremendous commitment to Carleton, we invite you to learn more about the college today: our successes, our challenges, and the issues that face our leadership. We will offer opportunities to deepen your connections with the college through special in-person gatherings and increased communications with faculty members, students, administrators, and alumni. 

Three Oaks SocietyQuestions?

We would be delighted to connect with you to discuss this further. Please contact the Alumni Annual Fund office for more information.