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  • “I am happy to report that my daughter received the same great education that we did.  Our support keeps Carleton strong.”

    – Faye Knowles ’71 Read story
  • “As Blanche Dubois said in A Streetcar Named Desire, ‘I have often depended on the kindness of strangers.’ It was the generosity of previous alums that allowed me to attend Carleton. I don’t plan to end up like Blanche (!), but I do feel strongly about paying it forward.”

    – Laura Graff ’75 Read story
  • "Carleton has provided help in every phase of my professional and personal life. It's fun to give back even more than 50 years out!"

    – Lance Herrick ’59 Read story
  • “Materialism is not something you see much of at Carleton; it’s not a Carleton value.”

    – Peggy Salagovic Sweitzer ’71 Read story
  • “Unrestricted gifts are boundless in their potential to contribute to the wide breadth of good that happens at Carleton.”

    – Carol Barnett ‘86 Read story
  • “The way we’ll address the difficult times ahead is to continue to educate people in the liberal arts — to think broadly, understand different cultures, and really understand how to read and write. Carleton has an opportunity to do this in an excellent way, to lift our profile, and to let the world know this is where it’s done.”

    – Catherine James Paglia ’74 Read story
  • "Even if you've only got $10 to give, a high percentage of participation of alumni support goes a long way toward convincing foundations that this is a good school to support."

    – Bob Lockwood '49 Read story
  • "I wanted to give to an organization that will continue to do what it's currently doing well.”

    – Vicki Rupp ’66 Read story
  • "Carleton plays in the major leagues with minor league resources. We're a top liberal arts college without the large endowment of the colleges we're competing with."

    – Judd Alexander '49 Read story
  • "We've been supporting Carleton since graduation. We've been very blessed and believe in supporting the institutions and organizations that are important to us."

    – Kellie and Beach Hall '53 Read story
  • “I believe that creativity is the goal of educated people and that it is a skill that can be taught and learned.…When students are encouraged to think creatively, they can apply that creativity to their area of study — whatever that may be — and also to all areas of their lives.”

    – Bill Gage ‘64 Read story
  • “Carleton ranks among the top schools in the country, but its endowment does not — it’s fighting above its weight class. Gifts really do make a difference.”

    – Jack Schuler P’97 Read story

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