Donors Say...

  • “Annuities provide reliable fixed income. And the results of Carleton’s unitrust growth have been extremely good in comparison with those of any other institution I’ve been involved with. It’s comforting to think that after all the incomes are paid out to me, my wife, and my children, the College benefits significantly.”

    – Keith MacKenzie ’50 Read story
  • "Even if you've only got $10 to give, a high percentage of participation of alumni support goes a long way toward convincing foundations that this is a good school to support."

    – Bob Lockwood '49 Read story
  • “With the way the tax laws are written, a charitable gift annuity to a place like Carleton makes sense.”

    – Larry Meinert '75 Read story
  • "I wanted to give to an organization that will continue to do what it's currently doing well.”

    – Vicki Rupp ’66 Read story
  • "Carleton plays in the major leagues with minor league resources. We're a top liberal arts college without the large endowment of the colleges we're competing with."

    – Judd Alexander '49 Read story
  • "We've been supporting Carleton since graduation. We've been very blessed and believe in supporting the institutions and organizations that are important to us."

    – Kellie and Beach Hall '53 Read story
  • “I believe that creativity is the goal of educated people and that it is a skill that can be taught and learned.…When students are encouraged to think creatively, they can apply that creativity to their area of study — whatever that may be — and also to all areas of their lives.”

    – Bill Gage ‘64 Read story
  • “Carleton ranks among the top schools in the country, but its endowment does not — it’s fighting above its weight class. Gifts really do make a difference.”

    – Jack Schuler P’97 Read story
  • “We believe strongly in environmentalism and sustainability, and we know there are others out there who share that interest. We’re hoping our gifts can stimulate them to get involved with the College’s efforts.”

    – Richard Kracum ’76 Read story
  • “Carleton has made our family’s life much fuller. We always knew supporting the College was the right decision.”

    – Virginia Puzak P’81 Read story
  • “Somewhere in [our] conversations, leaving a legacy for Carleton was introduced ... It fit perfectly.”

    – Shannon Clark ’94 Read story
  • "Facing the changes to our income and the associated tax implications, we realized it would be better to make this gift now rather than later."

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