Areas of Greatest Need

  • Opening Convocation in the Chapel

    You Are Here

    Your gift to Carleton's highest priorities gives us the flexibility to direct budget dollars where they are needed most.
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    Keeping Carleton Strong

    The generous annual support of alumni is one of our proudest traditions—making the Carleton experience possible for the next generation.
  • Student Life

    Every Gift Supports Every Student

    Large or small, your gift touches every corner of campus, and the Carleton experience of all students.

Provide financial support for the Carleton community's highest priorities

Your gift to Areas of Greatest Need supports Carleton's top priorities throughout the year. By entrusting us with a gift in this unrestricted category, you empower the college to respond to issues and opportunities across campus—whatever they are and whenever they arise.

Examples of these gifts at work include:

  • Increased financial aid for students whose family financial situation has suddenly changed
  • Upgrades to make campus facilities energy efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Support for students to travel with faculty to a conference to present their shared research
  • Budget flexibility to respond promptly to unanticipated events or opportunities
  • Marielle Foster ’16

    Responsible Spending

    Carleton’s Budget Committee members take their charge to be good stewards of the college’s resources seriously. “We always think about our decisions in terms of what their implications will be five or ten years from now,” says dean of the college Bev Nagel ’75, current chair of the committee. “We want to strike a balance between the present and the future.”

  • Don Frost ’83

    Common Values

    Don Frost ’83 believes the same spirit of community that infuses life and learning at Carleton is what drives alumni support for the Alumni Annual Fund (AAF). “It’s in our DNA,” he says. “We give back.”