Student Life

Carleton may center on the life of the mind, but it wouldn’t be Carleton if the experience ended at the classroom doors.  The spirit of what happens beyond the classroom—the goofy experiments, the late-night debates, the cookie baking and Arb runs and spontaneous dancing--can’t be captured by a dollar figure.  Nonetheless, Carleton has always invested in students’ extracurricular opportunities, helping to create the goofy, spirited and entrepreneurial environment that students feed into and grow from.  Among other opportunities, the Annual Fund supports:

  • Student services like the Office of Intercultural and International Life, the Gender and Sexuality Center, the TRIO/SSS program and the Chaplain’s Office
  • The Career Center, with career fairs, student internships, externships, fellowships and more
  • The ACT Office and the full variety of volunteer programs, from Books for Africa to the Humane Society
  • Shared interest living communities like Sci-Fi House, Farm House, Culinary House and ASIA House.
  • Varsity, intermural and club sports like soccer, football, swimming and diving, broomball, Ultimate and rugby 
  • Campus-wide traditions like midnight breakfast, the Halloween concert, Mid-Winter Ball, Spring Concert, Rotblatt, baking at Dacie Moses