New Volunteers

Carleton’s Alumni Annual Fund was established by alumni in 1933 as a way to give back to the College year after year, with unrestricted gifts that support immediate budget needs. Following significant reorganization in 1978-1988, alumni involvement and ownership—exemplified by our highly engaged corps of volunteers—have grown the Fund into an essential form of support for the college.

Volunteer Voices

Jonas Cartano '01“Giving back to Carleton is one of the most important things in my life. It’s important to my core beliefs to  pitch in and ensure a place like Carleton will exist for future generations—for students like me and students completely unlike me.” —Jonas Cartano '01

Betsy Sylvester ’06“Carleton is small enough that everybody’s gift makes a difference. And that’s why it’s important for everyone to contribute. There’s real synergy when groups of people commit to working together to achieve a goal. Whether you donate 10 dollars or 10 million dollars, giving to Carleton sends a message. Your gift makes a difference.” —Betsy Sylvester ‘06

Carol Barnett '86“Why do some institutions thrive and succeed and others falter? It seems to me that the answer leads to an action: Organizations succeed because people help them and advocate for them. That's how I got started in giving.” —Carol Barnett '86