A Welcome from the AAF Chair

Thank you for volunteering for the AAF, and welcome to our community of alumni who work diligently to raise critical, unrestricted funds for Carleton every year. We are so grateful to you for giving your time and energy to this worthy cause.

Our combined efforts raised over $9.2 million last year, providing 6.5% of the college's operating budget. The AAF supports students and faculty with both unplanned and previously prioritized needs — everything from financial aid to faculty innovation grants to varsity team uniforms to supplies for Dacie Moses cookies.

Because unrestricted funding is so important to Carleton, the AAF is included as an integral part of the "Every Carl for Carleton" campaign which enters its public phase in October 2018. We (AAF) have a campaign goal of raising $29 million over the next three years and a longer-term goal of growing AAF support by 3% annually year after year. It is exciting to be the venue through which all Carls can participate in the campaign.

Many AAF volunteers find they reap great personal benefit when reconnecting with classmates while asking them to support/renew/increase their support of Carleton. I hope this is your experience as well. The AAF Board and its members are here to support your efforts; please reach out if you have questions or ideas about how we can further improve.

— Karen Schilling '78, AAF Chair