Sample Communications

Below you will find several examples and templates that you can use to contact your classmates as you work with your class team to raise a great gift this fiscal year.

Rather write your own? Great volunteer messages have a few simple things in common. They’re authentic, personal, and offer a clear call to action. Follow the steps below to compose your own fiscal year end messages!

Step One: Take a minute to think about why you give to Carleton. Tell your story – it’s the most compelling things you can do. Are you goofy or rigorously logical? Sweet and sincere? Whatever your story, whoever you are, share that. People want to give to people, and they will give because of you!

Step Two: Back up your personal story with a couple concrete facts. Choose some interesting points from the fact sheet to the right that speak to you and build them into your call to action.

Step Three: Ask people to join you in giving to Carleton. Make the ask clear, honest, and about community. We’re all in this together. You don’t have to ask for a specific dollar amount, though that can be very successful. Something like, “Will you join me in making a gift to Carleton to support this historic incoming class?” or, “will you join me in increasing your gift this year by 10% as a sign of support for this great place?” works well. Don’t forget to share the link to give!

That’s it! If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to your Board member or staff member for further guidance. We’re here to help!