Academics, Credits, and Transcript Requests

Carleton Global Engagement programs are operated by Carleton College through its Off-Campus Studies office, and participants receive Carleton academic credit for their work.

Transcripts for Programs in Fall 2016 and Beyond

Transcripts will be sent from Carleton College to each student's home institution several weeks after the program's completion. Additional transcripts may be requested through the Carleton College Registrar's Office.

Course numbers, titles, and descriptions are listed on individual program pages, and syllabi are available on request. 

Transcripts for Programs Prior to Fall 2016 through Antioch Education Abroad

Transcripts for Antioch Education Abroad programs completed prior to Fall 2016 are issued by Antioch University through the National Student Clearinghouse.

Antioch Education Abroad Transcript Request Instructions

  1. Go to the National Student Clearinghouse website:
  2. Click on Order-Track-Verify and select Order or Track a Transcript from the drop down menu.
  3. Select Antioch University as your school in the drop-down menu.
  4. On the next page, read through the information and then click Start.
  5. Complete the fields on the Enter Personal Information screen and click Next.
  6. On the following screen you will be asked to select the campus you attended. Click on Other/Closed Campus.
  7. Complete the remaining screens and order your transcript.

Carleton College Academic Credits

Transcripts for Carleton Global Engagement programs are issued using Carleton credit units. According to Carleton College Academic Regulations and Procedures, "the standard Carleton course is six credits; for purposes of transfer evaluation, six Carleton credits are comparable to three and one-third (3 1/3) semester credits or five quarter credits."

Carleton Global Engagement recommends the following conversion between Carleton credits and semester credits. Students should contact the study abroad office or registrar's office at their home institution for institution-specific transfer credit policies.

Carleton Credits
Recommended Semester Credits
4 2