Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an interview as part of the application process? When will students learn their decision status and what can students expect after being accepted?

The Program Director of each Global Engagement Program will be in contact with applicants before making a decision about application status. In some cases, this will be an oral interview. In other cases, this will be an exchange of emails 

Students will be informed of their application status within two weeks of submitting a completed application. 

Students who are accepted to a Global Engagement Program will spend the next several months preparing for their experience abroadYou should expect to work on these preparations over the summer as well as during the academic year. Some of the preparations are very practical steps such as meeting with study abroad and/or financial aid staff members at the student’s home institution, filling out the health assessment form, applying for a visa (when required), and making travel arrangements. Other preparations include completing suggested and required summer readings (there are some of each), communicating with the faculty director about possible independent student projects, and informing yourself about the locations where you will study. Carleton Global Engagement Programs provides a clear set of instructions and a timeline for completing your preparations. Staff members from the Off-Campus Studies Office at Carleton are available to assist you throughout the academic year and summer.

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