Faculty & Staff

Program Director

Nicholas Hockin

Professor Nicholas Hockin, ethnomusicologist, has been Director of the Globalization & Sustainable Development in Cameroon program since its founding in 2016, and Director of the Arts Apprenticeship program since 2007. His research in West Africa has focused on the Mande cultural region of Mali and Guinea since 1999. His experience as a student and performer of Mande music provides the practical grounding for his theoretical work on indigenous, local engagement with tradition and modernity in an increasingly globalized world. Over the last 17 years he has developed an extensive international network of contacts, including visual and performing artists and artisans who personify the unique bridging of historical and contemporary cultural elements so prevalent in urban West and Central Africa today. Professor Hockin’s current work in Cameroon includes researching the musical practices of the royal court of the Bamoun people of Foumban, collaborating on the creation of the Conservatoire Royale des Arts Bamoun, and co-authoring an article on visual symbolism and cultural heritage in the biennial Nguon festival.

On-Site Staff

Masango Sone, Founding Director, Green Cameroon: Logistics Coordinator, Buea

Paul Zangué, Founding Director, Breaking Ground: Logistics Coordinator, Dschang

Kabir Nchankou, Actor, Choreographer, attaché au Palais Bamoun: Logistics Coordinator, Foumban

Nganjo Shadrach Nemba: Operations and Logistics Assistant

Guest Lecturers

The Globalization & Sustainable Development in Cameroon program draws upon the wealth of knowledge and expertise of local scholars and practitioners working in areas related to development. See a list of sample guest lectures here.