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2010 Golden Schillers

  • Image from "Love Letter"
    Created 16 February 2010; Published 16 February 2010
    First Place: "Love Letter"

    What could be sweeter than a love letter declaring passion and devotion? Well, it depends on the love letter...and the lengths to which the besotted swain will go to learn everything about the object of his affections.

    • Team: The All-Nighters
    • Captain: Jesenia Ruiz '10


  • Image from "Shipwrecked"
    Created 16 February 2010; Published 16 February 2010
    2nd Place: "Shipwrecked"

    Alone on a desert island, a small but resourceful paper castaway struggles to summon help and find a way back to civilization.

    • Team: L'apostrophe
    • Captain: Katie Silbiger '10


  • Image from "Soundtrack"
    Created 16 February 2010; Published 16 February 2010
    3rd Place and Audience Choice: "Soundtrack"

    In a world where every life has its own personal soundtrack customized for every moment of the day, what happens when the music stops?

    • Team: Studious Studios
    • Captain: John O'Neill


  • Image from "When One Door Opens"
    Created 16 February 2010; Published 16 February 2010
    Most Carleton: "When One Door Opens"

    When does the simple act of holding a door for someone cross the line from courteous to obnoxious? This mockumentary examines the darker side of the door-holding custom at Carleton.

    • Team: Ker Productions
    • Captain: Kaitlin Randolph '12


  • butterfly wings
    Published 16 February 2010
    Butterfly Wings

    A day in the life of a paper cut-out caterpillar.

    • Team: 2l<6U
    • Captain: Emma Zhou
  • He breeds in egypt
    Published 16 February 2010
    He Breeds in Egypt

    Is this about love or revenge? It was about both. The whole time.

    • Team: DrunkDance Films
    • Captain: Max Silver
  • every dog has its day
    Published 16 February 2010
    Every Dog Has Its Day

    What is the very best way to be recognized around school? Start a Campus Group.

    • Team: Cooler Ranch
    • Captain: Tyler Boddy-Spargo
  • The Floating Head of Zardoz
    Published 16 February 2010
    The Floating Head of Zardoz

    PEPS takes the faces of Carleton to an all new, psychedelic level.

    • Team: PEPS
    • Captain: Liz Evison
  • The Glory
    Published 16 February 2010
    The Glory

    Suspense. Danger. Anticipation. Bravery. It's time to experience The Game.

    • Team: An Awesome Production
    • Captain: Ezra Velazquez
  • Attack of the nano-robots
    Published 16 February 2010
    Attack of the Nano-robots

    Carleton, beware. Students are melting!

    • Team: Balloon House
  • Final Rendezvous
    Published 16 February 2010
    Final Rendezvous

    When happens when you're the only person on Carleton campus?

    • Team: KAH Productions
    • Captain: Kaitlin Randolph
  • a glimpse of FEAR in the night
    Published 16 February 2010
    a glimpse of FEAR in the night

    First, an in-depth interview of the masterminds behind the creation, then the ground-breaking film itself.

    • Team: Pure Cinematic Studios
  • Southern Comfort
    Published 16 February 2010
    Southern Comfort

    The 2010 Golden Schillers' greatest original music video submission.

    • Team: Noise Cinema
    • Captain: Sam Scherf
  • Landshark
    Published 16 February 2010
    • Team: LNT GODS
  • The Love Line
    Published 16 February 2010
    The Love Line

    A love triangle, complete with handkerchiefs, flowers, secretly passed notes and, alas, a broken heart.

    • Team: Sklara
    • Captain: Rachel Sklar

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