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2011 Golden Schiller

Escape the Room

Published 8 March 2011

A gamer finally manages to beat Level 1 and escape the room, only to find himself trapped on Level 2.

  • Team: Carleton Film Floor      
  • Leader: John O'Neill
  • Quicktime Video (11.92 MB, 5:30, high, progressive download)

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Other Items

  • "Year of the Beard"
    Published 7 March 2011
    Second Place: "The Year of the Beard"

    As part of a bet, Cory (the beard guy) grew out his beard for a year and took one photo a day. This film won 2nd place and has become a YouTube sensation!

    • Team: Time Warp Team
    • Leader: Cory Fauver
  • "Alexander and the..."
    Published 7 March 2011
    Third Place and Best Performer: "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, College Edition"

    Nothing seems to work out for Alexander, who dreams of being in Australia rather than the blustery Minnesota cold. This film won 3rd place and Nicholas Roberts won best actor for his performance.

    • Team: KER Productions
    • Leader: Kaitlin Randolph
  • "Ask-A-SWA"
    Published 7 March 2011
    Most Carleton: "Ask-A-SWA: A Tale of Love"

    A SWA and her resident fall in love, but things don't work out as planned. This film won the award for Most Carleton.

    • Team: Are You Lonely?
    • Leader: Asiya Gaildon
  • "Sequence 1"
    Published 8 March 2011
    Sequence 1

    A Lynchian meditation on mortality. And drinking. Or something like that.

    • Team: DrunkDance Films
    • Leader: Max Silver  
  • "Mother Magdalene"
    Published 8 March 2011
    Mother Magdalene

    "I've come here every Friday to witness the oration."

    • Team: The Immaculately Conceived
    • Leader: Pablo Leon-Luna 
  • "Walkin’ on Sunshine"
    Published 8 March 2011
    Walkin’ in Sayles

    A lip-dub to the 1983 hit song "Walkin’ on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves

    • Team: Bounce Productions
    • Leader: Allie Sterling    
  • "Pointless Fight Scene"
    Published 8 March 2011
    Pointless Fight Scene

    A pointless fight scene.

    • Team: Black Hole
    • Leader: Josh Kirschenbaum
  • "El Pato Onírico"
    Published 8 March 2011
    El Pato Onírico

    A duck gets into a car accident and has hallucinations of a vicious rabbit.

    • Team: The Claymators      
    • Leader: Julio Rodriguez
  • "Chicken"
    Published 8 March 2011

    A game of "chicken" that goes too far.

    • Team: LNT     
    • Leader: Devin Holewinski
  • "Suzy Creamcheese..."
    Published 8 March 2011
    Suzy Creamcheese, Honey, What’s Got Into Ya?/A Beard

    Two short (and seemingly unrelated) films in one.

    • Team: Mantra for Healing    
    • Leader: Henry Moskowitz  
  • "Between Now and Sunday"
    Published 8 March 2011
    Between Now and Sunday

    Burying their pet rabbit brings up lots of other memories for siblings May and Aaron.

    • Team: The Highway Night Walkers       
    • Leader: Nicolas Roberts
  • "Faculty Club Can’t Handle Me Right Now"
    Published 8 March 2011
    Faculty Club Can’t Handle Me Right Now

    A Carleton remix of Flo Rida and David Guetta's hit, complete with boom boxes and shades.

    • Team: JC and the Crazy Cohns     
    • Leader: Anschel Burk
  • "Escape the Room"
    Published 8 March 2011
    Escape the Room

    A gamer finally manages to beat Level 1 and escape the room, only to find himself trapped on Level 2.

    • Team: Carleton Film Floor      
    • Leader: John O'Neill
  • "A Network of Lines that Enlace"
    Published 8 March 2011
    A Network of Lines that Enlace

    A visiting professor is unable to resist the urge to answer a ringing telephone in an empty house, but instantly regrets his decision.

    • Team: Team Markwalter     
    • Leader: Kyle Markwalter
  • "On Air"
    Published 8 March 2011
    On Air

    A story of unrequited love, KRLX style.

    • Team: An Aesthetic Discourse
    • Leader: Christopher Burt

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