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2012 Golden Schillers

  • Going in Circles
    Published 22 February 2012
    First Place and Audience Choice: "Going in Circles"

    Tantalizing Productions
    Animation by Jon Kittaka
    Sound by Kyle Markwalter
    Story by both

  • The Perfect Hipster
    Published 7 March 2012
    Second Place: "The Perfect Hipster"

    Det Bandname Filministitut
    Jack Davis, Anna Swanson, Sam Dunnewold, Chisa Hughes, and Alex Stevens

    Best Performer: Alex Stevens

  • A Thousand Years
    Published 7 March 2012
    Third Place: "A Thousand Years"

    Skinny Hippos Entertainment
    By: Milah Xiong, Andrea Vang, Yer Moua
    Starring: Ia Vang, Billy Moua, Jonathan Liou, Bao Vue

  • Starring James Browning
    Published 7 March 2012
    Most Carleton: "Starring James Browning"

    Written by Matthew Cotter
    Directed by: Kenneth Schiller
    Edited by both
    Music by: Shenlun Wang
    Starring: Courtney Jones, Matthew Cotter, Thess Walcott, Kenneth Schiller, James Browning

  • Courtship and You
    Published 7 March 2012
    "Courtship and You"

    Written by: Alex Kosanovich and Jacob McNaughton
    Starring: Greg Michel, Laura Freymiller and Alex Kosanovich
    Directed and edited by: Jacob McNaughton

  • Freshman's Guide to Room Draw
    Published 7 March 2012
    "A Freshman's Guide to Room Draw 2012"

    Filmed by Zachary Levonian
    Directed and Written by Patrick Burke, Zachary Levonian and Gregory Michel
    Starring: Gregory Michel, Malia Wagner, Patrick Burke

  • LNT
    Published 7 March 2012

    A Single Pun Production
    Starring: Ellens

  • Man Bowling Dog Frisbee
    Published 7 March 2012
    "The Man That Couldn't Go Bowling & The Dog That Wouldn't Play Frisbee"

    Directed and edited by John O'Neill
    Written by John O'Neill and Rebecca Hulme

  • The Number
    Published 7 March 2012
    "The Number - Insanity's Monologue"

    Written and directed by Yawen Chen
    Edited by: Kenneth Schiller
    Starring Bibek Pokharel

  • Passing Time
    Published 7 March 2012
    "Passing Time"

    A Jackal Productions Film
    with Gabe Keller, Soon Kai Poh and Richa Sharma
    Directed by Yuvika Diwan

  • Person of Interest
    Published 7 March 2012
    "Person of Interest"

    Script by Carissa Knipe
    Editing/Camera by Andrew Cely
    Starring Evan Leibowitz, Kenny Suh, Danny Hanson, Anmol Raina

  • Sequence 2
    Published 7 March 2012
    "Sequence 2"
  • A Spell Forgotten
    Published 7 March 2012
    "A Spell Forgotten"

    The Claymators:
    Austen McBain
    Kaitlin Randolph
    Helena Howard
    Victoria Dan
    Yawen Chen

  • Split Decisions
    Published 7 March 2012
    "Split Decisions"

    Ker Productions
    Directed by Kaitlin Randolph

  • Will Wakes
    Published 7 March 2012
    "Will Wakes"

    Directed by Connor Einarsen
    Cinematographer Cameron Stahl
    Assistant Director and Sound; Rebecca Stimson
    Starring Soren Hopkins as Will
    General Assistant: Lauren Bailey

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