Capital Funding & Priorities Committee

Subject to the Board of Trustees and Tuesday Group, the Capital Funding and Priorities Committee (CF&PC) has oversight responsibility for all capital projects of the College.  Working within the approved operating and capital budgets of the College, CF&PC will consider individual projects and plans for moving forward.  All capital projects must be reviewed by CF&PC and Tuesday Group before moving forward, regardless of the funding source.  CF&PC will review an annual capital budget work plan typically during the winter term, which includes the facilities change request process.  The plan will be reviewed further by Tuesday Group, College Council and the Buildings and Grounds Committee of the Board before being presented to the Board of Trustees.

The main objective of CF&PC review is to ensure proper coordination and scheduling between the various constituencies involved in these projects, including the academic and administrative areas and confirmation of the sources and availability of approved funding.  All projects to be presented to the Board of Trustees should be first reviewed and advanced from CF&PC to Tuesday Group and then through the formal Board Prep agenda process.

Allocations for project types - summer work, residence halls, office renovations, facilities change requests, etc, will be developed by an appropriate sub-committee and brought to CF&PC for review and approval.  Major projects requiring fund-raising initiatives will be coordinated to ensure that scope and timing commitments remain in line with funding expectations and realities.

The CF&PC will normally meet monthly, with an agenda distributed in advance and the agenda and minutes copied to the Tuesday Group.

Two faculty will serve this committee, each appointed by the Faculty Affairs Committee.

Seven staff serve the committee in an ex officio capacity.  They are the Dean of the College, Vice President for External Relations, Vice President and Treasurer, Director of Facilities and Capital Planning, Chief Technology Officer, Budget Director and the Associate Dean of the College.

The Vice President and Treasurer will chair the committee.  The Director of Facilities and Capital Planning will prepare agenda topics and coordinate supporting materials. The Assistant to the Director of Facilities and Capital Planning will serve as secretary to the committee. 

No students serve on this committee.