Agenda May 24, 2011

May 24, 2011

I.  Approval of Minutes                      Steve Poskanzer                         4:15-4:20

II. President’s Report                        Steve Poskanzer                         4:20-4:30                       

III. CEDI Report                                 Michael McNally                         4:30-4:45

                                                       Andrea Nixon                                                                                                            

IV. Alcohol Review Team Report      Cathy Carlson                                 4:45-5:05

                                                    Lee Clark

                                                  Hudlin Wagner                                              

V. Campus Design Committee Report        Steve Spehn                           5:05-5:15

VI. Class of 2015 and Follow-up to David Heifetz’s Email                                                                                                       Paul Thiboutot                              5:15-5:25