April 10th, 1995

  • Location: Sayles-Hill 251
  • Time: 4:15 pm
  • Present: President Stephen R. Lewis, Jr.; Dean Elizabeth McKinsey; Professors Charles Carlin, Mary Easter, Stephen Strand, Anne Ulmer; Staff Martha Meier, Patricia Shanahan; Students Kaberi Banerjee, Courtenay Brown; Trustee Observer Jack Eugster
  • Absent: Deans Robert Bonner and Clement Shearer; Professor Richard Keiser; Students Rukaiyah Adams, Kaberi Banerjee, Eugene Smith, Joseph Stetzel; Alumnus Duane Schrader
  • Guests: Beverlee DeCoux, Paul Dosh, Brenda Kirchhoff, Kirk Krogstad, Chris Hilberg, Reuven Steinberg, Eric Whittington
  • Secretary: Melanie Maddux
  • Keywords: new dean of students, kresge foundation grant, study break,

President Lewis called the meeting to order at 4:28 p.m. The minutes of the March 7 meeting were approved with the addition of Student Member Rukaiyah Adams and Visitor Angie Scott to the attendance lists.

1. President's Report

President Lewis began with an update on the search for a new Dean of Students. He indicated that several finalists had been to campus and had met with a large number of students, faculty, and staff. All the final visitors are very experienced, and he indicated they all shared a common set of important principles related to openness, a consultative process in decision making that includes students, faculty, and staff, a commitment to assistance with the development of student skills in the non-academic areas, the importance of taking advantage of Carleton's residential setting, the need for strong programs of staff development within the Dean of Students Division, and the need to have fun while doing the job. He thanked the search committee for their hard work and good results.

Dean Bonner was out of town so there was no report at the meeting regarding alcohol discussions, and the Smoking Committee is not yet ready for a further report. The President stated the biological sciences building is on schedule, and site work is going ahead with the second Boliou addition; both projects should be ready for occupancy for the Fall Term 1995-96.

The Kresge Foundation has made a grant to Carleton of $500,000 which requires a 3-to-1 matching program of fund raising by the College. At the end of the fund raising, there will be $750,000 available for scientific equipment and $1.25 million of new endowment for support of purchase and operation of scientific equipment.

Regarding the All-Campus Study Break, he stated that Dean Bruce King had reported that there were over 500 participants in the six pre-event sessions, and the seventh program was taking place that afternoon. On the first day of availability, 700 people requested tickets, so the Chapel should be full Tuesday evening. All students, faculty, and staff who expressed interest in joining a small discussion group following the event have been accommodated.

2. Other Business

Drawing attention to the financial projection models prepared by Beverlee Decoux and distributed last week (a copy of which is in the permanent College Coucil file), Lewis explained the impact of various sources of donations to the College. He explained that, in Model A, a modest deficit was seen for four years and then changing to an increasing surplus. This surplus could be utilized, for example, to cut tuition growth, increase faculty and staff salaries, or increase the number of FTE faculty and staff. Lewis emphasized that meeting long-term goals is crucial to financial planning projected into the future, and questions like the role of the College's endowment are constantly being considered. The issue of federal cuts in student aid, such as Stafford and Perkins Loans and Pell Grants was raised, and Lewis stated that at this time it was not possible to analyse the impact on the College if these measures were passed. One important goal for the College is to maintain the strong commitment to financial aid without increasing its share of the budget substantially. Lewis urged members to share any ideas or questions with Budget Committee members, adding that the models distributed showed several possible scenarios, and this model can be used to evaluate others.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:04 p.m.