May 9th, 2000

  • Location: Sayles-Hill 251
  • Time: 4:15 pm
  • Present: President Stephen R. Lewis; Deans Mark Govoni, Stephen Kelly, Elizabeth McKinsey; Professors Deborah Appleman, Scott Bierman, Steve Strand; Students Alicia Hancock, Jenny Houghton, Howard Kushlan, Andrew Pierce, Cameron Smith; Staff Persons Gail DeGroot and Terry Metz; Trustee Observer Louise Heffelfinger
  • Absent: Professors Richard Keiser and Jennifer Manion; Student Nicholas "Nick" Macarelli; Alumni Observer Ann Iijima
  • Guests: Director of College Relations Joe Hargis; Chaplain Carolyn Fure-Slocum; Director of Multicultural Affairs Clayton Cobb; Associate Dean of Students Bruce Colwell; Director of Campus Activities Robin Hart; Professor David Appleyard; Students Alexander Dixon, Wendy Harris, and Ryan Kirk Herbertson
  • Secretary: Jennifer George Hantho
  • Keywords: students, annual fund, commencement,

Approval of Minutes

The College Council minutes of the meeting of April 10, 2000, were approved in a voice vote with one correction to the spelling of a student's last name, Malcolm Dort.

President's Report

President Lewis reported that the new freshman goal of 475 students is on track to be met for the fall. Test scores are up again and we expect to enroll 18 international students, about three times what we enroll typically. The only disappointing trend is in yield on multicultural students admitted for the fall; competition for these students is very intense.

Financial Aid expenditures are projected to be within budget; 7 1/2 % of the admissions decisions were need sensitive. He also commented that the Alumni Annual Fund is running ahead of last year at this time by 10-11% and that the Japan Foundation has awarded us a three year grant to support the Cross-Cultural studies program. In his closing comments, he reminded everyone that Lyman Lakes are full of water once again.

Commencement Update

Joe Hargis informed the Council that our goal is to keep Commencement 2000, with President Clinton as a guest speaker, as much as possible like a typical Carleton Commencement. The platform for the ceremony will be in front of Hulings, with seating for 7,000 on the east side of the Bald Spot facing Hulings. The area will be fenced and secured by Secret Service personnel. All people attending Commencement must have a ticket to enter the area and will have to go through metal detectors. Graduating students and their families/guests have priority for the reserved section.

General seating in the bleachers will be available for staff, friends, and non-seniors. We expect to accommodate everyone who would like to attend. Budget Update Steve Kelly began by saying that this year's budget is looking quite good for coming in on target. The Budget Committee is discussing short and long term budget planning, looking at where we are on the priorities identified in the "Navigating the 90's" report and at the "21st Century Committee Report". For example, the College is now working to add quality housing space, with the building of 100 beds in townhouses. With the opening of the Academic and Dining building next academic year we will be able to "unpack" some space that will benefit faculty and staff, and improve the spaces in which they interact with students.

Dean Kelly reported that some of the 21st Century priorities are being addressed, citing the new software for admissions, changes to faculty sabbatical program, and advances in compensation as examples. Progress Report on Work of Diversity Initiative Group (DIG) Chaplain Carolyn Fure-Slocum began by introducing several members of the DIG committee who could be present for the discussion: David Appleyard, Clayton Cobb, Bruce Colwell, Alexander Dixon, Robin Hart, and Kirk Herbertson. In her opening remarks, she referred to the memo and draft report distributed to College Council on May 3. She noted that DIG was formed in the spring of 1999, partly because of the hate speech incidents during that academic year and primarily to bring together representatives of all groups on campus working on diversity issues. The work of the committee thus far has focused on generating a draft of a developmental model that can be used as a resource on campus for faculty, staff, and students.

Discussion in the Council meeting centered on three main topics:

  1. Why issues and questions of diversity are critical issues to discuss on campus
  2. How the model was developed
  3. How the model can be used on campus

In summary

The committee has examined many questions to come up with a model that makes everyone accountable, as students are looking for help in dealing with "difference". The model benefits faculty with skills that can lead to better teaching. The model helps target programming on campus, so proposed activities have a clearer purpose and can be planned with greater attention to the connection with other events. Chaplain Fure Slocum hopes to share the model with a faculty group this summer for more input.

President Lewis challenged the Council to continue the conversation on diversity and encouraged all present to use existing structures to work through the use of this model. Dean Govoni suggested that the next version of the model reflect more faculty involvement, making it more relevant to academics and providing a more balanced perspective with student developmental issues.

After more discussion, President Lewis reminded those present that there is no definitive model, so this should always be labeled "draft" and it should be "fluid" all the time. Professor Appelman suggested using this draft at a faculty retreat in the future. The discussion came to a conclusion with President Lewis suggesting the draft get out to the campus-in departmental meetings, student group discussions, etc.

Professor Kofi Owusu, as the new Coordinator for Multicultural Issues, has agreed to use the draft with various groups on campus to further the discussion. President Lewis ended the meeting with thanks to all and an announcement that the College Council "hold date" in late May would not be used.

The meeting adjourned at 5:57 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Jennifer George Hantho