March 6th, 2001

  • Location: Sayles-Hill 251
  • Present: President Stephen R. Lewis; Deans Mark Govoni, Elizabeth McKinsey, and Stephen Kelly; Professors Cathy Yandell, John Ramsay, Jennifer Manion and Sarah Hurst; Students Kate Lundeen, Andy Pierce, Jenny Houghton, and Alyssa Thomas; Staff Person Lois Perkins; Trustee Observer Louise Heffelfinger
  • Absent: Professor Richard Keiser; Student Graham Wilson; Staff Person Sam Demas
  • Guests: Controller Beverlee DeCoux; Director of Facilities Richard Strong; Vice President Barbara Johnson; Professor Sam Patterson; Student Alicia Hancock
  • Secretary: Benjamin Ward
  • Keywords: Budget, 2001-2002, Lewis, Survey, Capital Renewal Program, Common Time

Approval of Minutes

The College Council minutes of the meeting of February 13, 2001 were approved in a voice vote.

President's Report

President Lewis reported that a survey had been taken of Carleton alumni in the Class of 1989, and strength of the academic program and the community was rated very highly relative to other comparable institutions. The President also commented on the success of both the women's basketball and swimming teams.

Approval of the 2001-02 Budget

Dean Steve Kelly reported that making this year's budget had been full of hard choices but that it was a good budget which supports excellence. This year's budget was particularly difficult to make because of the 26% increase in utilities due to the cold winter and the increase in fuel prices. The motion to approve the 2001-02 budget was approved by a voice vote without dissent.

Capital Renewal Program

Richard Strong reported that we were now using the term "capital renewal" rather than the confusing term "deferred maintenance" when referring to projects involving major renewal and renovation of older buildings. Evans and Severance Halls are next for renovation and Evans will be offline next year. Evans will be completely overhauled and the "columns" will be replaced with full floor arrangements. Dean Kelly reported that the capital renewal program is funded through the operating budget and the ten-year model shows that we will reach a level of support for maintenance equal to 2.5% of the value of the physical plant by 2008. That level of support will fulfill a long-term goal of the College. Mr. Strong reported that the utilities infrastructure will also be included in the capital renewal program.

Common Time

Dean McKinsey reported that the faculty had voted in favor of Common Time. She said this time would be attached to large events at times and would be used for groups that cannot find time to meet otherwise to meet and "un-jam" very busy schedules. Dean McKinsey assured the Council that the impact of Common Time would be monitored and reviewed after two years. Jenny Houghton reported again that 70% of students had voted against Common Time. President Lewis added that this provides opportunities for discussion in times of crisis and for times when the College has distinguished visitors on short notice. Dean Kelly stated that, in his opinion, the possibility of community trumps the inconveniences.

The meeting ended at 5:54 p.m.