April 9th, 2001

  • Location: Sayles-Hill 251
  • Present: Deans Mark Govoni, Elizabeth McKinsey, and Stephen Kelly; Professors Cathy Yandell, John Ramsay, Jennifer Manion, Sarah Hurst, and Richard Keiser; Students Jenny Houghton, Alyssa Thomas, Andy Pierce, and Graham Wilson; Staff Persons Lois Perkins and Sam Demas; Trustee Observer Louise Heffelfinger
  • Absent: President Stephen R. Lewis; Student Kate Lundeen
  • Guests: Professors Laura Goering and Chico Zimmerman; Students Greg Rafert, Theresa Graif, Seth Dolman, and Scott Kleinheksel
  • Secretary: Christine Lee
  • Keywords: Common Time, Sexual Harassment, Assault, Northfield

Approval of Minutes

The College Council minutes of the meeting of March 6, 2001, were approved in a voice vote without dissent.

Approval of Common Time

After the Education and Curriculum Committee's unanimous endorsement, the Proposal on Common Time was approved in a voice vote with 9 votes in favor, 4 votes opposed and 1 abstention. The vote came after an extensive discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the proposal. Concerns were centered on the strong student opinion against the change and the lack of agreement among faculty, staff, and students. Particular emphasis was placed on various e-mails expressing dissatisfaction with Common Time sent to College Council members prior to the meeting. Although the potential benefits of the proposal were realized, there was a lack of reassurance over whether students would properly utilize this time, and over whether it was worth the lengthening of the day. However, Dean Elizabeth McKinsey assured the Council that the impact of common time would be seriously monitored and reviewed after two years. Furthermore, Dean Steve Kelly reminded the Council that this has been a problem for a long time, and that the lengthening of the day is inevitable with any proposal if a common time is to be added into the schedule. Dean Mark Govoni added that the need for community supersedes possible inconveniences. All the efforts put forth by the ECC to thoroughly review the proposal and by the CSA to inform the student body were acknowledged.

Sexual Harassment and Assault Policy Update

Professor Chico Zimmerman reported that the subcommittee has submitted a copy of the revised Policies against Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault to the College attorneys for approval. Changes include a new policy title that would deescalate the language. Under a new section entitled Policy on Sexual Misconduct, inappropriate conduct that does not rise to the level of sexual harassment or assault will be addressed. Additionally, the membership of the hearing board will become smaller and better trained with a longer period of potential service. The subcommittee will also strengthen the language in the Faculty Handbook that discusses and discourages consensual sexual relationships between faculty and students.

Northfield Community Relations

Dean Govoni reported that Carleton College in conjunction with St. Olaf College is having an ongoing conversation with city officials over police protocols. Salient issues such as boundary lines, police presence, and expectations of the police department and the Colleges will be discussed. These talks will include representatives from both colleges, the police, and the city government. Currently, a document drafted by the police chief is being circulated through various channels. Recommendations may include monthly breakfast meetings between representatives from the three groups in order to foster greater community understanding.

The meeting ended at 6:04 p.m.