October 28th, 2003

  • Location: Sayles-Hill 251
  • Present: Deans Shelby Boardman and Stephen Kelly; Professors Nathan Grawe, Dana Strand, Steve Strand, and Anne Ulmer; Students Jamie Long, Trevor McNeil, Dan Poppy, and Becca Stark; Staff Persons Jean Hayes and Andrea Nixon; Alumni Observer Neil Chaffee
  • Absent: President Robert Oden; Dean Mark Govoni; Student Blaine Eubanks; Trustee Observer Louise Heffelfinger
  • Guests: Professor Cathy Yandell; Students Abhinab Basnyat, Nora Martin, Betsy Sylvester, and Tiffany Tyler
  • Secretary: Jaime Anthony
  • Keywords: Campaign Priorities Committee, CPC

Approval of Minutes

The College Council minutes for the meeting of September 29, 2003, were approved unanimously.

Campaign Priorties Committee

Dean Shelby Boardman, Chair of the Campaign Priorities Committee (CPC), joined by several of the committee's members, opened the meeting by encouraging College Council members to bring forward issues that they believe are important to Carleton. Dean Boardman stated that College Council is the only group that the CPC has met with that is representative of all constituencies on campus. Many suggestions for the CPC were offered, including: implementing the Campus Plan; providing staff with more opportunities for interaction with students; ensuring that technology, including the curricular computing program, continues to flourish on campus; progressing towards need-blind admissions and increasing financial aid; examining library facilities and acquisitions; and increasing Carleton students' access to international programs as well as the international student population on campus. There was a great emphasis placed on embodying the values of Carleton in deciding which issues are campaign priorities. In response to questions regarding how the CPC will prioritize, Dean Boardman told members that Gayle McJunkin, Director of Development, will help the committee in shaping priorities to optimize donor interest. Dean Boardman also assured that, from the multiple meetings with various campus groups, the CPC will look for common themes and needs.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 pm.