February 23rd, 2004

  • Location: Sayles-Hill 251
  • Present: President Robert A. Oden, Jr.; Deans Shelby Boardman and Mark Govoni; Professors Nathan Grawe, Kimberly Smith, Dana Strand, Steve Strand, and Anne Ulmer; Staff Persons Andrea Nixon and Jean Hayes; Students Blaine Eubanks, Jaime Long, Trevor McNeil, Dan Poppy, and Becca Stark; Trustree Observer Louise Heffelfinger
  • Absent: Dean Stephen Kelly; Alumni Observer Neil Chaffee
  • Guests: Julie Butkowski; Nora Martin, Carletonian; Colin McLain
  • Keywords: Fundraising, DIG, Smoking Policy, Alcohol Abuse, 2004-2005 Budget

Approval of Minutes

The College Council minutes for the meeting of January 13, 2004 were approved unanimously.

President's Report

President Oden began by commenting on the current fundraising campaign In speaking to alumni, parents, and friends of the College, the President has found several areas of importance: endowment, staff/faculty compensation, development funds, financial aid, andthe Arboretum. President Oden noted the importance of increasing the College's endowment, as well as staff/faculty compensation and development funds. Additionally, President Oden stressed that financial aid is for need, not academic ability. President Oden reported that many of the people with whom he speaks are enthusiastic about the preservation of the Arb. He stated that the campaign will not be formally announced for at least 2.5 years. President Oden made several comments regarding the Board of Trustees meetings in February. The Board gave approval to the Budget, as well as the construction of a wind turbine. The Board also made preliminary movement towards solidifying the Campus Plan with Civitas.


Professor Anne Ulmer emphasized DIG's ongoing efforts to poll various campus groups to determine areas of concern. One such area includes the science departments. While international students are highly complementary of the science departments, minority students feel less welcome. Overall, there are comments that the science departments, in terms of preparing students for careers, are more research-oriented than teaching-oriented.

Campus Policy on Smoking

Dean Mark Govoni opened discussion regarding the smoking policy by motioning to create a smoke-free indoor environment by Fall 2004, instead of the previously proposed Fall 2005. Dean Govoni stressed that the policy would not change, just the time at which it would be implemented, and that outdoor areas designated for smoking would remain available. He also noted that the Resident Assistants' roles would not change by removing smoking from residential areas. In response to concern that the ash boxes around campus were easily removable, Dean Govoni suggested mentioning this issue to Dennis Easley, Superintendent of Grounds. There were several questions concerning the motives for the smoking policy. Dean Govoni responded by emphasizing that the buildings are not equipped to deal with the problem of re-circulating smoke; rather than spend money to put in better systems, it is better to stop smoking all together. Student Trevor McNeil proposed an amendment to Dean Govoni's motion: prohibiting smoking in residential areas in Fall 2004, but allowing smoking in the Upper Sayles-Hill lounge until Fall 2005. The motion did not pass. The Council voted unanimously to move the implementation of the smoking policy (prohibiting smoking indoors) to Fall 2004.

Alcohol Use Issues

Dean Govoni began the discussion of alcohol use on campus by citing a campus-wide email he sent out to students regarding 8 alcohol use-related hospitalizations in 8 days. He noted that the overall response to his email was positive; student Council members emphasized Dean Govoni's remarks that people appreciated that he had sent out an email discussing the issue. Council members were concerned that the recent incidents would cause a policy reform, and suggestions were made to implement more education opportunities. It was also suggested that the College work to provide more alcohol-free events on the weekends. In response to concerns that students did not have adequate resources for reporting troubling situations, Dean Govoni mentioned that there are several types of peer counselors available, including Resident Assistants (RAs) and Student Wellness Advisors (SWAs).

2005-2005 Budget

The Council unanimously approved the 2004-2005 Budget.