September 27th, 2004

  • Location: Sayles-Hill 251
  • Present: Staff Members Mark Govoni, Jean Hayes, Robert Oden, and Rod Oto; Faculty Members Laura Goering, David MacCallum, David Musicant, Steve Strand, and Anne Ulmer; Students Jaime Anthony, Seth Cooper, David Holman, Colin McLain, and Becca Stark
  • Absent: Staff Members Shelby Boardman and Fred Rogers; Alumni Observer Neil Chaffee; Trustee Observer Louise Heffelfinger
  • Guests: Student Dan Brooks; Carletonian staff member
  • Secretary: Jaime Anthony
  • Keywords: DIG, Budget Committee, Motor Vehicle Policy, Handicap Accessibility

Introduction of Members

All of the Council members introduced themselves.

Approval of Minutes

The College Council minutes for the meeting of May 24, 2004, were approved unanimously.

President's Report

President Oden opened the meeting by describing the Council. He noted that the role of the Council, the governing body with the broadest representation of various campus groups, was to address non-academic issues affecting the entire campus. The Council has two subcommittees: the Budget Committee and the Diversity Initiative Group (DIG). President Oden reminded members that all are welcome to submit items to the agenda. President Oden then discussed three issues facing the college: diversity, fundraising, and the art museum. He wants the campus to become more diverse, and this effort is aided by DIG. Fundraising endeavors are going well, marked by large participation rates in giving by alumni. The art museum committee recently voted to take a step back from the current plans. Before committing to a building design and location, the committee wants to have time to ensure that the art museum is built in the spirit of a liberal arts institution, making sense with the curriculum, and in the context of other new buildings. This will only delay construction briefly.


Professor Anne Ulmer reported the current activities of DIG. The next Multicultural Alumni Network (MCAN) gathering will be the weekend of October 8, and the group is planning a wide variety of activities and programs. Professor Ulmer also mentioned that there is discussion of forming an International Students Alumni Network (ISAN), similar to MCAN. Professor Ulmer reported on Dean John Ramsay's investigation of the diversity of the College's faculty. He has found that there have been steady increases in the diversity of the faculty. Additionally, the College's junior faculty of color are more satisfied with Carleton than those at Ivy League schools, though less satisfied than their counterparts at women's colleges. Dean Ramsay is trying to determine what can be done for identification and recruitment of strong faculty candidates.

Budget Committee

Vice President Fred Rogers and Dean Shelby Boardman were not present to discuss the Budget Committee. In their absence, President Oden mentioned that he hopes that they will discuss the data that matter the most, including financial aid, tuition, the College's draw on the endowment, and staff and faculty compensation. President Oden also noted that Vice President Rogers intends to be in charge of socially responsible investing on campus.

Motor Vehicle Policy

Dean Mark Govoni reported to the Council on the current state of the Motor Vehicle Policy. Together with Committee on Student Life, he wants to create a subcommittee to investigate the College's motor vehicle policy and make a policy recommendation by Spring. Dean Govoni emphasized that he intends for the policy to continue to deter students from bringing cars to campus, and that the new guidelines will be more coherent than the current one. Student Council members noted that the impression exists among students that the current policy is already stringent. Professor Laura Goering noted that the committee should include town residents in the discussion of the policy, while student David Holman included that transportation to/from the Twin Cities should be researched. With the stipulation that a student senator be included on the committee, the College Council approved the motion to form a committee to investigate the motor vehicle policy.

Handicap Accessibility

Dean Govoni reported on the current efforts and challenges for the College regarding handicap accessibility. Currently, there are two committees that investigate handicap accessibility. Dean Govoni noted that not all of the buildings on campus are handicap-accessible, including the President's Office and the Concert Hall. Additionally, many buildings have certain features, such as heavy doors, that limit their accessibility. However, it is not required that all locations on campus be handicap-accessible. It was noted that there is not a particular budget for handicap accessibility. Dean Govoni stressed that, although there are not massive changes occurring, there are many people on campus willing to alleviate concerns, which saves the College a sizeable amount of money. Professor David MacCallum asked whether or not the College was striving to surpass the basic ordinances on handicap accessibility and meet certain principles held the institution. Dean Govoni answered that the College is trying to help students maximize their experience at Carleton, while not running amok with good sentiment.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:40 pm.