May 16th, 2005

  • Location: Sayles-Hill 251
  • Time: 4:15 pm
  • Present: Staff Members Shelby Boardman, Bruce Colwell, Jean Hayes, Robert Oden, Rod Oto, and Fred Rogers; Faculty Members Laura Goering, David MacCallum, David Musicant, Steve Strand, and Anne Ulmer; Students Jaime Anthony, Matt Bartel, C.J. Griffiths, Scott Konzem, and Jeff Walls; Trustee Observer Louise Heffelfinger.
  • Absent: Alumni Observer Neil Chaffee; Faculty Member David MacCallum.
  • Guests: Dan Brooks; Julia Burmesch; Wayne Eisenhuth; Seth Fowler; Roy Grow; Mike Hendel; David Holman; Christine Krejci; Naja Shabazz; Paul Thiboutot.
  • Secretary: Jaime Anthony
  • Keywords: DIG, Recycled Paper, Posse Renewal Contract, Alcohol, Motor Vehicle Policy, CRIC

Posse Renewal Contract

Professor Roy Grow and Dean Paul Thiboutot presented this agenda item and began by explaining the Posse program to the Council. Posse is a leadership-based scholarship that brings groups of students from major cities to study at colleges and universities. Carleton’s Posse comes from Chicago. Following interviews by the Office of Admissions, about ten students are selected to come to Carleton. The Committee noted several of Posse’s results at Carleton, including an increase in socioeconomic and racial diversity on campus. They informed the College Council that the Admissions and Financial Aid Committee unanimously recommends that the College renew the Posse contract, with several conditions.

Approval of Minutes

The College Council minutes for the meeting of April 11, 2005 were approved, including the change of the CRIC decision notice to: The College Council approved the Carleton Responsible Investment Committee, including amendments.

President's Report

President Oden began his report by describing the agenda-setting process. He noted that there are often issues that can be solved outside of College Council, and for this reason, not all suggested points of discussion appear on the agenda. President Oden then gave an update on the search for the new Dean of Students; he expects a decision within the next several weeks. Thirdly, President Oden mentioned the upcoming Board of Trustees meeting. The biggest concentration of the meeting will be Planning the Future of Carleton and discussion about how we meet the needs for students’ financial aid, more faculty members, maintain Carleton’s academic excellence, and several other issues. Finally, President Oden informed the Council that there has been, and will be, progress in the plan to offer Arabic as a language for Carleton students.


Professor Anne Ulmer reported that the College has applied for a Ford Foundation grant to provide $100,000 for workshops to help the College assess the RAD requirement and the overall quality and quantity of diversity conversation on campus. Additionally, Professor Ulmer informed the Council that there is a committee that will be working to establish a diversity mission statement for the College. Professor Oden emphasized the importance of creating this mission statement, to reflect the College’s commitment to expanding its diversity.

Recycled Paper Policy

Julia Burmesch, the manager of Printing and Mailing Services, along with Vice President Rogers, presented a revised version of the Recycled Paper Use Proposal to the Council. Printing and Mailing Services is the primary source of paper on campus, however, there are other sources of paper for the campus. Ms. Burmesch is optimistic about encouraging the usage of recycled paper over virgin paper. If buyers say they do not want recycled paper, they will still encourage them to use the product, while leaving the ultimate purchase in the hands of the buyer. She believes that it is very possible to make recycled paper more widely used on campus. Student David Holman noted that the EAC is in agreement with the changes made to the proposal. Dean Boardman asked for an update in a year. The Council discussed the volume of paper used on campus, and made brief mention of reasons for the increased volume, in addition to ways to reduce this volume. Professor Laura Goering noted a syntax change in the Proposal, on the 6th bullet point of Rationale, and suggested a change from “White as a whitener, chlorine…” to “Used as a whitener, chlorine…” President Oden and Ms. Burmesch agreed that while it is unfeasible to make the Proposal an official College policy, the Campus should agree to broaden the use of recycled paper.

Alcohol at Carleton

Dean Colwell asked the Council for input on upcoming discussion about alcohol at Carleton. Council members suggested the inclusion of seniors, and opening up discussion to a wide variety and large number of students. Students also noted that the College should not expect an instantaneous change in students’ behavior. Additionally, it was suggested that the committee focus on the promotion of responsible drinking habits, and a healthy lifestyle. Finally, the Council gave the input that there should be ongoing discussion about alcohol use rather than just a short-lived committee.

Report from Motor Vehicle Policy Committee

The Motor Vehicle Policy Committee (MVPC), under the chairmanship of Mike Hendel, presented a revised copy of the MVP to the Council, for feedback from the Council. The group noted that the policy has only been reviewed once in 16 years. In response to concern from Council members that the policy is changing, the MVPC informed the Council that current written policy is not the currently practiced policy and that the revised Policy reflects current practice. The Council voiced its concern that changing the written policy would result in an influx of student cars on campus and in Northfield. President Oden suggested that the committee return to the Council in the fall, to allow for more time to provide suggestions and modifications.

Update from CRIC

Student Dan Brooks informed the Council that they had made the April 11 changes to the CRIC proposal. Language regarding staff participation in CRIC was changed from “Staff will be selected by the President…following a nomination process by CRIC” to “Staff will be selected by the President…following a nomination process.” The phrase “the management of the college finances and endowment” was changed to “the management of the college endowment.” The third modification was changing the phrase “The College will subscribe to appropriate resources” to “The College may subscribe to appropriate resources.” At the April 11 meeting, the Council approved the CRIC proposal, pending these amendments.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:45 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jaime Anthony

College Council Student Representative & Secretary